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“Defining Scandinavian Preppy” & New Ivy League Cashmere Line

Here is one that caught The Princess completely flat-footed: a Swedish company called Boomerang.

Boomerang Scandinavian Preppy

The company’s site is very user-friendly, and pops up in English. In the catalog, the following aesthetic is found:

“Since the very start of Boomerang and the first collection in 1976, the designer’s task has been to define and redefine ‘Scandinavian Preppy’.”

And while our photos do not demonstrate this, the shop carries as much, if not more, women’s merchandise as men’s. The site feels very J Crew to TP, and while you can’t order online as best we could ascertain, you may request a catalog while visiting the site.

Boomerang Sweden

From the crisp clean feel of the beach to the more constrained in-town look of the Ivy League, we offer a peek at the new line of cashmere sweaters from 2108 Vintage, whose slogan is “Wear more cashmere.” The company’s first collection of cashmere sweaters is just making its debut, with several Ivy League schools available, including Dartmouth, Yale and Penn.

2108 Vintage Cashmere

The sweaters come in three version: a men’s and women’s v-neck, and a unisex crewneck, all in cashmere with the school logo appliqued on the chest; prices run from $180 to $200.

2108 Penn State Cashmere Sweater2108 West Point Sweater

2108 Vintage Cashmere Sweaters About Page

Plans call for adding Brown, Columbia, and Harvard this Fall, along with UCLA and the U.S. Naval Academy.

And while on the topic of Ivy League schools, the two co-founders at the oh-so-chic Azalea Boutique are Ivy League girls, both from Cornell. Which might explain why this Sonia Rykiel sweater has a certain preppy panache to it that makes it a must for your wardrobe.

Sonia Rykiel Preppy Sweater

The Princess is absolutely swooning over this one, and it’s not even our colors! It has to be the style, and perhaps the fact that it is (ssshh!) on sale!

Sonia Rykiel Preppy Sweater at Azalea Boutique

Besides the to-die-for sweaters and other fashions, the Boutique carries loads of great accessories, including Toms shoes. Why does The Princess love Toms? Because they are absolutely wonderful to look at and *very* easy on the feet; plus, for every pair purchased, Toms donates a pair to a child in need.

Toms Ramsey shoes at Azalea Boutique

How cool is that? To learn more about the shoe donation program, you can click here; or you can also go to the Toms site. In either event you can get to the link very easily for video on YouTube of the South African shoe drop, which is pretty amazing.


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Weekend: Real Polo Matches, ‘Preppier than Thou’ in Princeton?

If you are reading this Friday evening, it would appear you are *not* in Crawford for the festivities this weekend. (You know, Jenna and Henry…? Wedding ceremony….?) So, for those who may still be a bit at loose ends, we’re told some VIP tickets remain for the Polo Matches between the USA and Italy, along with all sorts of accompanying festivities in Leesburg (VA), and it will be a blast! Actually, the best part for some is tonight’s gala, a black-tie extravaganza including wine tasting, a “cook-off” between a US chef and an Italian chef, a fashion show, and concert, all at Morven Park in Leesburg. Of course, the fashion show will feature goodies from Ralph Lauren Polo; if you are fond of the team Mr. Lauren sponsors, Black Watch, you can even purchase apparel showcasing them and the Ralph Lauren Polo collection. The actual polo playing happens on Saturday, starting around 2 o’clock. After that there is another concert (I’m telling you, it really is all about the parties) and fireworks; Huey Lewis and the News provide the tunes.

Oh, and since Land Rover is a sponsor, if you drive a Land Rover you will be allowed to park closer, in the Land Rover VIP area. (The Princess does *not* own a Land Rover, and does fret about people tottering about the grounds until they make it to the tent.) The Princess loves that the US Team is sponsored by Cartier and the Italian Team by Eli Lilly; jewelry and drugs together again! For all the official info, don’t trust The Princess, trust your mouse to click here on the America’s Polo Cup official site.

On an entirely separate topic, much buzz this week regarding an article in the Daily Princetonian. More accurately called an opinion column, the feature was entitled Preppier Than Thou, Lawnparties: I Pledge Allegiance to the Preppiness Spring ’08, and ran in Monday’s paper, but hit the online version on May 4th. Writer Christine Brozynski ricochets madly from one spring ritual to another, spreading vitriol with something approaching equanimity; victims range from Princeton administration to other Ivy League schools. The Princess almost put this in the “Help Me Understand” category of posts, but didn’t want to end the week on a simply dreary note.

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