The Pink Patent Tote – but is it Preppy?

Perhaps sunglasses should be standard issue with this bag. Is it bright? Well…yes, perhaps a little. Shiny? But of course, it’s patent. Put it this way: TSU (The Spousal Unit) made it clear he would not be party to any public appearances that included this bag. His suggestion was that it be somehow attached to the buoys in Boston Harbor to help guide in lost ships. I told him I was laughing inside. Really. Then he felt compelled to add a comment about matching pink patent pumps and possible uses for them and the conversation degenerated from there. Use your imagination.

At any rate, we felt this beauty deserved a mention: it’s the Salvatore Ferragamo Patent Tote from Sak’s. Do we consider it to be ‘preppy’ by definition? No, but we do find it to be Prepalicious. Do your part in making the world a brighter place by carrying this baby all over midtown (Manhattan) and see if that doesn’t raise some eyebrows. Look at it this way: if it is simply “too too,” you can always use it as a weapon, sort of a personal protection device in a non-standard color. Frankly, I think the chances of being mugged go down exponentially if you are carrying this one. Trust the Princess.