Preppy Notecards (Stationery…?)

Despite the still-coolish temperatures, it’s never too early to think about what we’ll be taking to the cottage this summer. It seems one thing I consistently forget is stationery, in every form. Personalized notes, thank you cards, you name it, yours truly manages to leave it all behind in the city, every time. When these came in (to The Preppy Princess) I actually snagged a few boxes and tucked them away. The set just below is At The Helm, probably one of my favorites, while the ones above with the anchor design are called Hope, and naturally they’re also a favorite. If there is a ticking stripe involved, let alone nautical imagery, The Princess is going to want to be all over it! Plus we think they’re such a reasonable price for 10 cards & 11 envelopes of either design for only $22! BTW, the heavy cardstock is made of 100 % recycled paper. Because TP has always been green…with a little pink thrown in!