Major Papers Talk Preppy Style

Hello-Hello and happy day to everyone!

We’ll jump right in today with a few things we never seem to fit in our daily posts, despite the fact we start out planning to include them every. single. day.  We are so slow in sharing them many readers are likely to have already seen them, yikes! Here they are in completely random order:

1) The Times had an outstanding story from David Colman a few weeks back in their Dress Codes series, “The All-American Back from Japan,” examining contemporary preppy style.  A sample from the article:

“There is madras everything, button-downs everywhere. Nantucket reds — washed-out pink pants — are the new khakis; Sperry Top-Siders are more common on roof decks than top decks; and the Polo pony and the Lacoste crocodile are now but two of the critters in a zoo of polo shirt insignia.”

The story is accompanied by a companion slide show, “Dress Codes: The Preppy Look” with excellent photos from Dean Isidro. Below, the gentleman wears Benjamin Bixby, Lacoste, Trovata, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

PHOTO: Dean Isidro/NY Times

The article looks at the history of ‘preppy fashion’ in the US (or more appropriately, that particular moniker for the style) as well as what Mr. Colman refers to as “…the Japanese penchant for Americana…”.

Some of the brands cited in the story and slide show are definitely not “your Father’s preppy style,” although again, TP’s family never referred to it this way. If asked and forced to describe the look TQM probably would have merely said it was conservative or classic, perhaps being so bold as to inquire  “why do you ask?” as it wasn’t something one consciously thought of or needed to discuss. The only possible exception might be if one the children dared desire something out-of-the-norm, in the “no, no, that’s not something we wear” category. How did your family refer to their clothing style? Or did they?

We highly recommend the story and slide show, they are great fun and offer a slew of new brands, some of which you have seen showcased in this space, such as Band of Outsiders, and others we probably won’t be sporting.


2) Also on the radar for quite some time, this story from the Times of London’s online site:

Preppy power

From twinsets and pearls to cashmere hoodies — new fashion tribes are taking their lead from the Sloanes

The story is another fun read, offering a slightly different perspective as it originates from the far side of the pond.

Yet rapidly growing numbers of people are embracing the preppy look — whether it’s stripy boat-neck T-shirts, argyle sweaters, brogues or cotton pea coats. Look closely and you’ll see preppy is having a makeover right under our noses.”

The story breaks the preppy looks into five different styles, including Euro Preppy, Fashion Preppy and Power Preppy.  Prince Harry’s former flame, Chelsea Davy, is pictured as an example of Public School Preppy:

PHOTO: Antony Jones/UK Press/PA Photos

A reminder that in the UK ‘public schools’ are actually what we call private schools here in the States, for example, Miss Porter’s or Choate would be called ‘public schools’ in England.

The article also has scads more details with the writer’s ideas on what brands specific prep types would wear, their ‘best looks’ as well as “A Look Too Far,” our favorite sub-category.  Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton is classified as a Euro Preppy, although the story notes:

“To be fair, Kate is more neo-Sloane ranger, but, for obvious reasons, the Euro preppy holds her in high esteem.”

As to the paper’s suggestions of a Power Preppy, they include First Lady Michelle Obama in this group. Rather than bore you with more recitation of the article’s content we suggest one toddle on over and personally read the story, we highly recommend it. A visit to the fabulous Europa Fox is also likely to provide far better insight than anything we offer.


True Chanel addicts with pin money (okay, investment quality pins) to spare will be pleased to learn of the 1980’s and early 90’s Chanel jewelry and accessories now being offered at high-end vintage retailer Resurrection.  Some pieces serve to remind us that the development of LogoPhobia is not merely in reaction to recent creations:

Courtesy Photo via WWD

If interested, the catalog of goodies can be downloaded by clicking here.


TP is ever-so-excited to learn one of our favorite spots for retail therapy is undergoing a bit of a lift, so to speak.  Fashion Island in Newport Beach (CA) is going to have some work done, adding wonderful stores like Nordstrom to the roster of existing shops, including Neiman’s, Saks, and Bloomies.  Below, an artist’s sketch of the ‘new and improved’ Fashion Island.

Courtesy Photo via LA Times

The LA Times has the full story.

We leave you with some of the soon-to-be-out, or already available magazines one will spot at the local newsstand:

Courtesy Time Inc.

There are reports of at least two west coast memorial services, one on July 3rd, the other July 10th.

Courtesy People

There is also a report that the Jackson family has been denied permission to bury him at Neverland Ranch.

Courtesy Post-Newsweek

Carolyne Roehm for Best & Co., Sketches from the new Gwyneth Paltrow Line

Hello-Hello and welcome to another wild week at the Prepatorium!

We start off with a heartfelt ‘Thank You” to the inimitable Queen Bee Swain, and her generosity in bestowing upon us the Friendship Award!

Thank you Queen Bee Swain!

Per the rules: these blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Here we go with a quick eight names!


Many readers know that here at the Prepatorium we simply adore the children’s clothing carried by Best & Co.; this spring the retailer has added something special, a line designed by none other than the über-talented Carolyne Roehm.

Courtesy Best & Co.

The Collection won’t be in stores until Mother’s Day, but one can preview the group online right here.

Courtesy Best & Co.

The dresses are simply darling, with the understated elegance one expects from both Ms. Roehm and Best.

Courtesy Best & Co.

There’s no need to be concerned about anything over-the-top, no pieces covered in any frou-frou details or embellishment.  We have long been fond of Ms. Roehm’s design aesthetic; she is possessed of an exquisite eye, and also likes TP’s favorite color combination, blue & white.

Courtesy Carolyne Roehm

In fact, the designer’s newest book is entitled A Passion for Blue and White.  A look behind the scenes at inspiration boards for the Best & Company collection reveals Ms. Roehm’s attention to detail:

There isn’t a piece in the Collection we aren’t in love with.

Courtesy Best & Co.

And all are done in a timeless navy and white, or variations thereof. Sigh. How long until we see grown-up girls sizes, puh-leeze? (Silly Princess.)

Courtesy Best & Co.

Ladylike little dresses are even available for toddlers.

Courtesy Best & Co.

The entire group is simple and sweet, in designs and fabrics that will long stand the test of time, the styles are that classic.  (Now remember dollfaces, these pieces are not available until Mother’s Day.) To read more about it, visit the At Best blog for a nice read!

As we are already at Best, we share a different clothing group: delightful sweaters in Boys sizes.

Best & Co.

Above, the Lighthouse Sweater in a plush cotton knit, and below, the Nautical Knot sweater, also for the Young Man in your house.

Best & Co.

There is also the Boy’s Anchor Sweater, as well as many others we are not showing here.

Best & Co.

Unfortunately, similar offerings for the Young Lady of the house are not as nautically inclined.  This is the only seafaring-ish we could find, the Sailor Sweater in Girls sizes 2-12.

Best & Co.

If shopping at the site, for 25% off the prices shown, enter the word CATCH at checkout.


We haven’t yet made time to post anything at all about the news that oh-so-preppy Gwyneth Paltrow is releasing her own clothing line. The actress announced the line will be done in collaboration with Zoe Tees, a French company. The official name is said to be ZOEtee’s Loves Gwyneth, and proceeds will benefit Kids Company in London.

Women’s Wear Daily showed sketches from the new line in a story today.

Courtesy Photo via

According to the story, the pieces will include cashmere blends along with other fabrics, and will have a bit of a 70’s look.

Courtesy Photo via

The entire collection is to be released sometime this week. TP is ever-so-curious to know your thoughts on these looks…?


We are ever so happy to be adding more items to the shop, including this treasure:

The Ahoy Coir Door Mat is made of 100% coconut fiber, and comes from the fabulous design minds at Scout, makers of some of our fave totes!  On the left we have the bright blue Stripes Away, and on the right, the pink Poolside Stripe tote.



These are the perfect solution for those seeking an alternative to the plastic or paper question when at the market; they measure 19 x 15 x 10, plenty of room for the foie gras and Brie! Besides, the , Bungalow Scout bags and sunny color combinations bring an enormous smile to our face!

On that note, we shall say ‘Bye and look for you tomorrow, back here at the Prepatorium!

Pink’s New Shirt, Talbots & Target Sneak Peeks


We are hyper-busy today, so we shall do some quick blog-bombs! (Essentially Headlines with a brief tidbit, and/or photos.)

There will be a new addition to this fall’s line of Thomas Pink shirts. This WWD story explains the upscale retailer’s announcement that it will offer a wrinkle-free shirt in its Men’s line.  An intriguing thought, although we are somewhat disconcerted, uncertain we wish to purchase ‘crease-resistant’ shirts for the Consort at Pink.

Speaking of TSU (The Spousal Unit), he was more-than-disappointed to learn one of his favorite haunts for apparel is struggling.  Mark Shale becomes another unfortunate SOTT (Sign of the Times), with word they are filing bankruptcy and plan to close stores in Kansas City, Atlanta, and Dallas. The 3 Chicago-area stores will be kept open as a buyer for them is sought; the outlet store closed on Monday. 

When visiting Chicago it is not unusual for TSU to pop into the Michigan Avenue store; he is also fond of the Galleria location (Dallas).  The retailer has women’s apparel as well, with brands many readers will recognize for their exceptional quality and style. This is a shame, as Mark Shale runs an outstanding operation with customer service unmatched by 99.% of their counterparts. 


Those who follow TP on Twitter may remember yesterday’s Tweet about Talbots’ boosting the age of its target customer; previously they were hoping to reach Women age 45 – 55/65, now it is 45 to 65+.  Yikes.

We wanted to share a few looks from Talbots’ fall line. (We don’t know if these styles fit with a marketing plan aimed at women 65+… your thoughts?)

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The look in the picture above seems more suitable for the under-55 demo IOHO, while this next style easily transcends age. 

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The Women’s Wear Daily story describes some of the looks: 

“Among some of the highlights of the fall collection, are cardigans with ruffles, bows and rosettes; printed scarves and waist sashes; sheath and lace evening dresses from $129 to $149…”

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Here in the corner condo we are hopeful these photos do not represent the best of the fall fashions, as there is little that appealed to us.   


We have an update on the eco-friendly Loomstate for Target Collection due in stores in time for Earth Day which is April 22. 

Photo by Talaya Centeno

All of these pieces are made from certified 100% organic cotton. 

Photo by Talaya Centeno

 It is nice to see a GO International line with menswear, just a few photos down. 

Courtesy Photo

These next two photos are via the fabulous Nitrolicious, who has several more pictures from the group on her site.  

Pieces in the collection will range in price from $14.99 through $44.99. The men’s collection will be in stores about a month longer than the women’s, but as with many of Target’s limited edition collections, pieces may go quickly.  

That serves as a good reminder: the Thakoon for Target Collection is now drastically reduced. The clearance pricing includes things like tops at $4.24 and dresses at $13.99 


For today’s Pretty in Pink we have several offerings, simply because we have absolutely no self-control in some areas. (We recognize that for most readers this is not new information.)

How about the Hello Kitty Polka Dots rain coat for kids?

Of course there is a matching Hello Kitty umbrella available, also at DLL Rainwear.

No need to be alarmed about finding something of this sort for your very own: the Pink Damask Raincoat for Women.

On that cheery note we say ‘bye, as we fly out the door!

Tiffany Makes the Princess Pout

Hello and happy Thursday!

Today we are doing the post in two parts, so that those not interested in listening to our tale of trauma can scoot over here and read all about sales of a Preptastic sort and gaze upon the loveliness of pink and green shoes you may actually want to wear!

Today we are being completely self-centered, wallowing in self-pity. We will also advise readers up front we are more than a little peeved at one of our formerly-favorite retailers, Tiffany. (Please note emphasis on “formerly”.) Why?


That would be a photo of Tiffany Blue Band china, and we are violating our self-imposed policy of not boring readers with tedious details about our more-than-pedestrian lives in order to share something we would never have revealed previously because we are just. So. Boring.  Who cares what dinnerware is used here at the Prepatorium for more formal occasions..? Perzactly.

Those who follow us on Twitter already know the news: we learned yesterday our pattern has been discontinued. Under normal circumstances we might be a tad despondent about this, but would move quickly to decision-making mode and go on to the next step.  But then, this would hinge on one’s definition of “normal” when dealing with Tiffany these days. For us “normal” meant the company keeping its word regarding policies on customer notification in the unlikely event of a pattern’s discontinuance.

You see, when registering with the company shortly after our engagement, we were assured multiple times that we would receive “proper notice” should this happen. Naturally we were advised of this in the borderline-arrogant tones Tiffany is accused of employing at times with customers, the supercilious “Ah, do you not know with whom you are dealing? This is Tiffany, dear, and we rarely retire patterns. Frankly, we are a little surprised you feel the need to question us about such an unlikely occurrence. But I assure you, of course you will be notified if such a thing is to happen.” (For full impact, insert salesperson’s nose-in-air sniff here.)

Suffice it to say no such notification occurred, nor is there any sign such efforts were made by the retailer. We only discovered the Blue Band’s fate when looking for something entirely unrelated at the website.  After completing our initial task we scooted over to the china department to look at possible additions to our set. Not seeing the pattern online, we thought it best to call the company, laughing internally at our alarmist reaction.

Imagine our dismay at being advised the pattern has been discontinued. After regaining motor skills that allowed us to speak, we made the standard inquiries: when was it discontinued, how can I buy pieces, what-do-you-mean-there-are-no-pieces-anywhere-in-any-warehouse-or-secret-hiding-place?

A darling young lady at the call center did her best, saying “We are emailing customers to let them know.” When we  explained, “But you don’t have my email, there is now way you could ….hello?” she resorted to the dreaded hold function. All we can say is the conversation did not improve. At any point.

There you have it. And yes, we are fully cognizant the world is awash in problems of a vastly more serious nature. We comprehend all this but are still going to pout for at least another day, as it really isn’t about the china pattern at all. Of course not.

It is about losing yet another relic of a more refined and genteel time, when service was provided as a matter of personal pride, a time when we respected ourselves and others more than we seem to now. And it is about the years we have defended Tiffany’s customer service when many consider that phrase an oxymoron. And it is about letting go of the delusion that certain establishments and institutions are the same special places of our youth; they are not, nor will they be.

In an interesting twist, today’s Journal has an outstanding story from the Cranky Consumer (one of our favorite columns), The Dish on Replacing Chipped China.

In today’s vernacular, the Princess needs to get over it.  We’re working on it.

End of whine-a-thon. We apologize for the self-indulgence and extend our gratitude to those kind readers with enough fortitude to continue reading.

Pink & Green Shoes that are TDF, Sales of a Preptastic Kind!

Hello-Hello and Happy Day!

We are once again beset by a malady known as spring fever, so let’s talk about some pink & green shoes, shall we?!

The first pair is the Gola Ignite flats, available at Zappos.

Gola Ignite at

Also at Zappos, these Bedhead Ballet Flats

Bedhead Ballet Flats at

Bluefly offers these patent ‘Heaven’ boatstitch loafers from Tod’s.

Tod’s Loafer at

We must be candid dolls, the pink is looking a little neon for us….yes?  We just discovered the Betsyville Baylee Flat, available in several different colorways.

Another strong point for the Baylee, its fiscally friendly price, $62 at  There are many other pair from Betseyville with a similar look, all with the nautical little button. These are the Brinda Sandals in pink patent.

And on the right in always classic black & white patent, the Blair sandals from Betseyville.

A Princess post on flats couldn’t possibly be complete without at least one pair from Bettye Mueller, like these Madras Frame flats, now almost 50% less than their original price at

Bettye Mueller

And then we have a classic, Prada’s petal patent cap-toe ballerina flats.


That’s it for now. (But you just know we’ll be back with more! They are irresistible!)


We’re a little late to the party with this, but Bobbi Brown has an incredible offer on the website right now:

A 25% discount on any cosmetic is fairly unusual, let alone on the entire line!  But the offer ends tonight at midnight, so fly over there now if interested!


Also, Sak’s is promoting their sale:

As is Banana Republic:

J. Crew is offering an Extra 20% off their Sale prices.  Use promo code EXTRA20 at checkout to receive the additional discount.

On that note, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Silly Princess.)