Florence Eiseman & Lilly Pulitzer for the Little Ones

If anyone is looking for something bright and perky for their Tuesday morning, here it is: a couple of sweet and irresistibly cute hats from Kelly’s Kids. These are perfect for protecting the little ones sensitive skin from the sun, and an even better deal since they are on sale! The first is a bright pink and blue madras pattern, while the second is a pink & green floral in a cotton/spandex knit; both are also machine washable. What’s not to love?

We also thought you might enjoy a look at these cuties from Best Dressed Child, a shop The Princess had not previously visited. The Lilly Tee is sweet, and the toddler Hot Pink/Green Terry Hooded Cosette Cover Up is very popular, so grab it while you can. The pink and green girls Simona Tunic is also fun (is there a Mommy size, puh-leeze?), but the big Summer Fun winner this week is positively the girls Beach Club Blue 2008 Novelty Skirt with the whale applique. Does Lilly Pulitzer ever run out of cool prints and fabulous goodies?

Lest anyone think The Princess isn’t concerned with the styling little guy, nay-nay we say! Just look at this darling blue Seersucker by Funtasia, also at Best Dressed.

Also a great choice for the toddler boy, this Florence Eiseman Turquoise Seersucker ‘shortall’ as it is called, just fun, fabulous, and most assuredly, Prepalicious… who can resist?

BTW, Best Dressed has quite the collection of clothing in their “Beach Portrait” category, so anyone considering the uber-formal look for the family Christmas card shot may want to check it out. We are showing a couple of their outfits in this collection below, simply click on the photo to be transported to their site! We must fly – Happy Tuesday!

Spring is Sprung

At last…..bright bouncy days alive with green shoots from optimism. Oh puh-leeze; that is so not happening at the moment. At least not in the great Midwest, most of the south and a good portion of the rest of the country. So here comes Peter Cottontail? I think not. In reality, Mother Nature is in utter hysterics like a girl at her first frat house party who has just experienced the joys of grain alcohol served straight out of what would normally be considered a trash can. “Easter egg hunt? Now? In the snow? Oh yeahhhhhhh.” Are you nuts?”

However, all is not lost: we can still enjoy a few fresh thoughts in recognition of the change of season. Instead of staring at the snow piling up (or whatever your particular misery may be), let’s start at Charles Tyrwhitt, fab friends from the UK with a shop or two in midtown (I think – do send us a note if we’re wrong on the location):

CT Women’s Pink Stripe ShirtTyrwhitt Black BlazerCharles Tyrwhitt Sky Stripe shirt

The striped beauty on the far left is marked down from $120 to a mere $75. Who can resist that price? This black jacket is simply a must have, in a to-die-for linen and cotton blend, and quite the bargain at only $295, marked down from $450. Coming in at third place is the sky blue stripe shirt on the far right at $65.  Here is a link to the US Home page for CT; you know we *live* to make your life easier. Of course, if you can repeatedly spell the name without any trouble, then by all means, put yourselves on the Headmaster’s List for the semester.

Moving on, we are pleasantly surprised to find ourselves favorably impressed by this delightful find suggested by FirstBlush.com, billing itself as “The Shopping Site for Women.” Hhhmmm…we are not convinced of that, but do stop by and take a peek if so inclined. (Do disregard their little typing error indicating the bag is from ‘piperline’, when they in fact mean to say “Piperlime.”) Better yet, pop on over to Piperlime and see the bag from every possible angle. BTW, any guidance you can give the Princess on the derivation of the name would be ever-so-appreciated. More importantly, is it a preppy purse in your opinion? Do tell.

We can’t toddle off without showing these divine, dreamy looks for your little one from Best and Company. And before you ask, yes, it’s the ‘new’ Best, the one Susie Hilfiger bought a few years back. What a fabulous job she has done with the company – we are so thrilled to see things going well. If you can’t get to Greenwich or Bergdorf’s (it’s on 7) then give them a call; I think they are still doing trunk shows. Makes us wish they did grown-up girls, or that we were petite and sweet once again. Sigh.

Best & Company Whale SweaterBest Pink Seersucker Smocked DressBest & Comapny Navy Sweater

Well, it’s been divine dolls, but we simply must fly. Time to haul out the snowblower in an effort to unearth the eggs we hid on the lawn. Silly us. Can you say Judy Garland in Easter Parade? (Too young to have a clue? Rent it, buy it, or look it up at IMDB.com.)