The Preppish Bargains Continue

Hello everyone, may your day be going better than TP’s! (We’re merely having a Monday on a Wednesday, so to speak.)

We want to alert you to a number of Sales and Savings opportunities currently available, starting with the Hayden-Harnett sale. Significant markdowns have been taken on many items in all categories, including their Toulouse Weekender now at $244; the original price was $348.

Brooks Brothers is promoting their continued Clearance, with prices reductions of 50% to 70% according to their mailer.

We are somewhat tempted by the Wool Chalkstripe Coat, very handy for a winter here in The Great Midwest.  The coat’s original selling price was $798, it is now $239.


Saks has started their Sale, with a good assortment available across most categories and lines, including many preppish brands. The Tory Burch Mercedes Coat is now $417, discounted from $695.

And from the Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee Collection, Saks offers the Cotton Sateen Fitch Shift.

This one is so luscious we’ll make it today’s Pretty in Pink. The dress retailed at $348; it is now selling at $209.  Not *quite* meriting PIP status but fun nonetheless: Lacoste’s Bold Stripe Cotton Sweater with 3/4 sleeves.

Lacoste continues to carry a significant amount of merchandise that is on sale or discounted in some way at their online store.

Now for an entirely different looking Lacoste tee, how about this avant-garde version?


A collaboration between Lacoste and the design minds at Andrea Crews, the shirt will be available in July. We simply had to share the tee because of that delightful touch of whimsy in the design, almost mocking the brand’s heritage. (For those wondering if it might trigger a case of Logophobia, goodness, no, no, no, not at all. That can’t happen when the design clearly isn’t intended to be taken seriously.)

With that happy tee as our last image, we say G’bye until next time!

More Fiscally Friendly Bargains of a Prepalicious Sort

Hello-Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!

Today we have an abbreviated version of The Preppy Planet. We are headed to The Big City shortly for an afternoon watching our favorite baseball team take on Texas.

Before we go, we wanted to share a few more Sales and Savings opportunities as we head toward the holiday weekend, beginning with a Princess favorite, Kate Spade.

Now through the 25th take an additional 30% off all sale items. 

Next, Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag Sale offers “25-40% Off Select Merchandise” now through Monday.  

Neiman Marcus continues their Last Call Clearance

And the fiscally friendly offerings continue at Tory Burch. 

Banana Republic is touting “Memorial Day Savings Event” as is sister company Piperlime with their “Sweet Deal Event“. 

And with this we are off and out the door, playing hooky in the sunshine with the Consort at the Ballyard! It simply doesn’t get any better than this dolls, we are more than grateful to be such a lucky girl.

Smiles for you, and hope you have a simply luscious day!

Please Tell the Princess What To Do

Hello everyone, and welcome to a frenzied Friday here at the Prepatorium!

TP is a tad crazed and dazed taking care of Princess business while simultaneously trying to collect her wits to scoot out of town…

While this is old news to those who follow us on Twitter, we may not have openly mentioned that we’re off to find new goodies at the Stationery Show.

This actually works out very well, as we are going to do a more-pictures-than-substance-post today, and it dovetails nicely with our desperate need to solicit your input, your wisdom, your exquisite good taste. Pourquoi ça? Because we need your insight and opinions on this topic: what lines or items would you like to see The Princess carry in the future?

We start with needlepoint pillows by a designer you know, very nicely done in 100% wool over cotton:

The pillow on the left is 12″ square and would retail for about $45-48, while the pillow on the right is larger at 20″ square; it would be $98-$105. You would like one on your sofa? Perhaps a gift for someone this holiday season? Or, “TP, tune in. There’s a recession out there and this is a little too high for our gift-giving budget right now.”

Next, needlepoint eyeglass cases; we would retail these in the $22-$25 range. A nice stocking stuff or MIL gift? Love it? Hate it? Almost worse, is it a yawn? (Remember, when it comes to your opinions, sharing is caring.)

Are silk and cotton embroidered pillows at in the $70-$90 range on your radar….? Or are there simply too many other possibilities out there? Or the house is already decorated, or more formal accents like these are not what you use, or…?

And finally with this group, the needlepoint coaster sets would run approximately $36.

A possibility you would consider for yourself or for a gift? The price is okay but the spouse doesn’t care for needlepoint coasters, or we use whatever coasters we bring home from the club (seriously, TP has lived with this phenomenon), or…? Or….?

We do need your wisdom on these, you can’t possibly hurt our feelings as these are merely ideas we are contemplating here at the Palace. And if feeling self-conscious about sharing personal taste, just leave your comments as ‘anonymous,’ and no one will be the wiser!

Not by any ‘notable’ designers but still fun, tell us what you think about the hooked pillows in 100% wool and cotton. The 14″ x 18″ lighthouse would sell for approximately $38-$40, and the 16″ square crab on the right about $48-$50.

Cute? Good gifts? Just so-so? Meh, pillows just aren’t my thing?

What things are we not carrying you would like to see us add? More totes? Lilly Pulitzer accessories, you know, the handbags and jewelry collections? More stationery and notepaper? More of the same or lines with lower or higher pricepoints?  More pillows, towels, or home accessories? More preppy pet items, or more/less belts and flip-flops?

Now, before flitting away without sharing your thoughts, just remember – Tilly’s future is hanging in the balance.

Tilly On Guard

As one can see, Miss Tilly doesn’t miss many meals.

And she does enjoy her regular trips to the spa:

A Day at the Spa

Not to mention her grooming; she prefers the students in the Veterinary Medicine School at the Large University handle her ‘special needs.’

"How Could You?!"

And her appreciation of fine apparel is well-documented.

"Does the Tailor make house calls?"

Fortunately, Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat has lower expectations.

A good set of shelves to hide out in when being pursued by the Much-Larger-Animal and an occasional meal keep Scooter happy.

And they both revel in some time stalking each other.

So do share your thoughts on Princess inventory.

They’re counting on you.

"Please tell Mommy & Daddy what you think...puh-leeze!"


See you sometime next week, we hope everyone enjoys an utterly divine weekend!

Thakoon & Hayden-Harnett Target Updates, Another Gossip Girl Cover

Hello-Hello and Happy Tuesday Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today we are Yesterday we were pondering the fabulousness of electricity in all its many applications… it truly is a beautiful invention. And we don’t just say that because the GGPs (great-grandparents) wintered next door to Mr. Edison in Ft. Myers.  Nor because we have just returned arrived home Tuesday night from the Queen Mother’s estate, following a  few detours along the way.  At retail establishments.  Actually, this was the first time we remember taking refuge (ahem) in a store to avoid becoming the next snowman on the block.

Which brings us to this afternoon as we make every effort to keep our head from exploding.  You see, while still favorably inclined toward the benefits of functioning electricity, we must inform you that shortly after the power was restored we lost another vital service: the telephone.  Which translates into no internet access.  Rather essential here in the corner condo at Preppy Princess HQ, what with our little online boutique being… well, online.

No. Phone. And. No. Internet. Access. For almost twenty-four hours. A situation not rectified by even a Jumbo Prozac Latte. And we assure you that retail therapy would have been a total waste of hairspray.  The online site was fine, we just couldn’t get online ourselves. When the AT&T imbecile finally floated by for a visit this morning we were inclined to accost him, but The Consort said if we did that he would be unable to repair things.  We do love the T-1 line we have, it delivers the oh-so-fast-web-access as promised, but being without landbased phone service as well as the internet is really most unpleasant. Harrumph.

Rather than get our whiskers in a wad, we’ll just cease the whine-athon and get down to business.  In Sunday’s post we promised to file an update on the Thakoon for Target collection as soon as we were able to visit the Boutique in person.

Yesterday’s Monday’s agenda included a family outing to the spanking new Target near the Queen Mother’s home base, in part to allow TP & TQM to better inspect the Thakoon. (We also looked at the scant Hayden-Harnett offerings available, an entirely separate topic of conversation.) HRH, the Princely Sibling also joined us, although he did not share the same level of enthusiasm for the excusion as we.

Thakoon for Target

Overall the line is very well merchandised. The pieces look vastly superior to the photographs we have previously shared, all of them true to Thakoon’s design aesthetic. Many of the sweaters and tees have a soft, supple feel to the touch.

Unfortunately not all of the pieces share this characteristic; many are polyester.  These do not feel at all soft or silky, but slightly slimy, forcing TQM to recoil in horror. (A little dramatic, yes, but to be fair we don’t know if she has ever worn any synthetic textiles, certainly not next to the skin.)  The Camo Print Cami shown above in Navy & Yellow is all poly, as is the Colorblock Cami seen below.

Thakoon for Target

Reactions to the Collection that we have seen and/or heard:

  • Pieces do not run true to size, with fit is all over the map
  • The quality is very good to excellent
  • The quality is poor to shoddy
  • Quantities are running low with some stores completely out of stock on multiple items
  • Your best bet for purchasing anything is online

Well dolls, it is now your obligation opportunity to share any insight you may have on the topic.  Our best suggestion for anyone contemplating a purchase would be to read all of the reviews each customer is leaving on the Target site; they are enlightening.

BTW, Thakoon is looking smarter every day with his decision to offer ‘Thakoon Addition,’ a capsule collection with lower opening price points.  The good folks at the  Style File blog have a wonderful interview with the designer.  Our favorite quote comes when he is talking about Michelle Obama wearing one of his designs the final night of the Democratic Convention in Denver; the dress was one of his signature print:

“A print dress? On TV? There’s change you can believe in.”

We also seek your input on our next topic, the Hayden-Harnett for Target accessory line due at your local store Monday.  Below, the Canvas Hobo:

Hayden-Harnett for Target

The new line for Target from the popular handbag designers was a tad slow in arriving at some stores; we saw only 4 different bag designs on display during Monday’s visit to the retailer.


As we mentioned in Sunday’s post about the Penn Badgley spread in January’s GQ, magazine covers continue to be peopled by Gossip Girl stars.  Now we learn of CosmoGirl Prom’s next cover, featuring….

CosmoGirl Prom

Taylor Momsen.

PHOTO: Ezra Patchett

Our thanks to Just Jared Jr., for the photos of Ms. Momsen showcased in a number of… um… well, extraordinary prom dresses, how’s that sound? In all candor, one really looked very sweet.


Regular readers know TP is a fan of Vivre, not only for their fashion sense and good taste, but also for their delightful presentation and superb online publications.  The upscale site is also having an outstanding Clearance Sale, nothing to sneeze at given the current economic climate. (A reminder: it is five o’clock: do you know where your trust fund is?)

Markdowns have been taken on a plethora of merchandise at Vivre, including some much-too-fun napkin rings from Kim Seybert:

They would make the perfect gift for someone near and dear to us, and at 40% off their original price of $115 they look like a solid buy.  However, at $69 for a set of four they are not for everyone, and the recipient we have in mind might throttle us if we allocated that amount to their Birthday gift budget.

Fortunately this same person is simply gaga for the Shoreline napkin rings at the Princess, a mere $5.50 each, or just $20 for a set of four.

Shoreline Napkin Rings at

That’s it for this post. Until next time, we shall be awaiting your insider knowledge on the topics detailed above!

We close with a TDF classic car for our Pretty in Pink, a 1958 Continental Coupe.

We send everyone a massive “Thank You” for the wit, wisdom, and strength you shared this year as we became part of the Blogosphere.  You are all Prepalicious in our mind! Happy, Happy New Year!

This is Scary, Saks Shipping Offer, More J. Crew Problems, Suri Cruise is ‘Best’

Hello-Hello from Snow Central!

The Princess is trapped, unable to make her flight to Denver, thanks to a foot of snow in The Great Midwest. Harrumph.

It may be considered good news or not-such-good news depending on one’s perspective, but the weather does allow us to do a fresh post.  We start with an event creating a knot in the stomach and an awful sense of foreboding: the jewelry sale at Saks Fifth Avenue.  We thank the Madison Avenue Spy for the tip on this one. The sale includes this Judith Ripka Pavé Diamond Enhancer:


Judith Ripka, Saks Fifth Avenue

Many may be stupefied at TP’s negative anxiety about a sale. At Saks. But many also know upscale department stores like Saks, Bergdorf’s, Neiman’s, etc., do not have jewelry sales. Not. On. Fine. Jewelry.

Not on David Yurman.


David Yurman at Saks

Or Ippolita.


Ippolita Ring at Saks

If a store is financially healthy it would never put an Ippolita 18k Gold Two-Diamond Ring on sale. Would. Not. Happen.

BTW, Saks is doing complimentary free shipping on all orders, as well as offering a gift box and their red ribbon at no charge. Seriously. Just use PROMO code SFAGIFT at checkout.  If you missed yesterday’s post ,it contains a goodly amount of sale and promo code information.

We are off to stir up a Prozac cocktail. A pitcher full.


Another Gossip Girl star has landed a Teen Vogue cover. Leighton Meester is showcased in the February 2009 issue.

We thought you might enjoy her comment on headbands:

“I don’t wear headbands, ever.”


Teen Vogue February 2009

In March co-star Blake Lively graced the magazine’s cover.

Teen Vogue Blake Lively

In January’s Vogue Ms. Lively is named to a list of the 10 Best-Dressed Women; while the print version of the magazine directs you to the website for more on this (and other stories), we cannot locate anything on the site about this story.

Back to Teen Vogue, the cover promotes “The Punky Preppy Mix.” Hhhmmmm. Just this fall the magazine listed the Top 22 Preppy Essentials, including items from many of the standard stores like Lacoste, J. Crew, and Smythson, as well as newer players: Tory Burch, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and others.


Speaking of J. Crew... (you know where this is going), we continue to receive email about technical issues and problems with J. Crew’s online store.

This story in Thursday’s Storefront Talkback confirms the continued problems:

“Having suffered outages during Cyber Monday, J.Crew again became unavailable—to at least some prospective customers—for an extended period on Wednesday (Dec. 17). “

The subhead on the article reads “‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, Unless You’re in Charge of J. Crew’s Web site.” Ouch.  The retailer is awarded a lump of coal:

“Over at J.Crew, though, no apologies were offered. For those who know the tortured history of J.Crew and its site launch this summer, perhaps avoiding an apology was wise. This time, the site advised visitors to “stay tuned” and added that “even the best sites aren’t perfect.”

True. But as far as uptime goes, it’s clear that some sites are less perfect than others.”

Double ouch.  While management may be frustrated, customers always have choices, as the fabulous Mrs. Newlywed makes clear in yesterday’s comment:

“…I tried to place an order today for a very much unneeded sweater. The site wouldn’t let me place the order.

So, because after I realized it wasn’t working I didn’t actually NEED the sweater I won’t buy it at all  That is $70.00 they won’t get.

The phone line wasn’t working either.

tisk tisk on J.Crew”

The experience shared by another favorite, Lisa at Very Busy Mom with 4, ended on a more positive note:

“After three calls, I finally got my Crewcuts stuff, and they ended up Fed-exing it. I think they are still having issues–their site is moving very slow! Still love my stuff though.”

Frankly, we remain more than a little stunned the problems are not yet rectified.  For those willing to risk it, this particular sale continues through tonight, offering an additional 20% off with complimentary shipping for orders totaling more than $150; the promo code is MERRY.


Best & Company

At Best and Company the discounts are also deeper, making the childrens’ designer duds irresistable.  The Girl’s Cashmere Hoodie is only $35.90, discounted from an original $158 selling price.


Best & Company

The striped sweater is also available in Pink & White; both colorways appear to be available in a broad size range. According to the JustJared site, Suri Cruise is wearing Best’s Scallop Placket coat in this picture with her mother, actress Katie Holmes.


PHOTO: Humberto Carreno/Startraks

If in need of a darling wool coat in winter white, Best still has this one in a few sizes, now 50% off its $398 price.


Best & Company


We leave you with the ever-so-snuggly Pink Cable Cardigan, on sale at J. McLaughlin.


J. McLaughlin

An absolutely divine store, J. McLaughlin is also in the midst of a wonderful sale.

Don’t forget to enter our final Giveaway of the year, by leaving a question for The Princess Consort.  Here is a portion of a comment from the Fashion Herald and part of TC’s answer:

“Dear Princess Consort Sir, how does one stop one’s husband from stealing the covers at night? Please help, it’s getting really cold!”

“My dear freezing Fashion Herald – I understand your concern about your husband and his proclivity for stealing the bed covers. In the long term this will cease to be a problem because of global warming. However, we have an immediate situation that demands our complete attention. I will assume your husband has a ______________”

To read what it is TPC assumes Mr. Fashion Herald has, just click here & scroll down through the comments.

We are off to frolic in the snow! Happy day to everyone!