That Nasty NYC Prep, & Lilly Pulitzer Pre-Ordering!


How was everyone’s holiday weekend? Anyone else recovering this morning from a tad too much fun or sun? The Consort managed to fit in a late-breaking round of golf yesterday and TP is ever-so-excited to report she has finally seen Pride and Prejudice, 2005’s theatrical version. Digital bliss, truly.

As frequent readers are painfully aware, we are consistently inconsistent when it comes to reporting on all most things prep. We do focus on TV’s faux-prep program Gossip Girl with some regularity (despite its Fantasy Island qualities), in large part because of the fashions worn by the stars, both on-camera and off.

We have also chatted up newcomer NYC Prep. Recognizing that certain broadcasts require a certain suspension of disbelief, we still find ourselves becoming ever-more astonished when reading about the “reality show.”

PHOTO: Brian McDermott/Bravo

Having stumbled onto this recent story in the Times we thought to share a few morsels; they describe our reasons for scoffing at the term ‘reality show’ far more eloquently than we can:

“Only two episodes in, the show has set off a wave of outrage, contempt and sheer mortification among parents in the world of private schools in New York…”

Who’s Afraid of ‘NYC Prep’? aptly explains a fundamental precept that Princess readers are already familiar with:

“…contradicted an unspoken rule at many private schools: to be showy or prideful is not only culturally inappropriate, but also in supremely bad taste. To be showy or prideful on reality television appears to be even worse.”

Perhaps our favorite part of Julie Bosman’s story is the top:

“OH, God,” said one Nightingale-Bamford parent, groaning.

“Absolute garbage,” another said.

“Like a bad ‘Dynasty’ episode,” a third said…”

There you have it.

Also discussing the show this week, New York magazine, pairing it with The Real Housewives of New York City for a story by Vanessa Grigoriadis, The NYC Reality Freak Show:

“In NYC Prep, as in many low-culture products, the emerging picture of Manhattan is an upper-class farce.”

“The first episode, which attracted over a million viewers, sells it as a high-stakes drama about the “elite of the elite,”… but really it’s a comedy about the silliness of the rich. As you may or may not know, it’s deeply uncool, as a student at a New York private school, to be a fan of Gossip Girl—it’s too outsized, too camp, for kids who are living that life to enjoy.”

The marketing minds at Bravo must be overjoyed at the coverage and buzz surrounding NYC Prep.


All of that makes for fun reading, but it does detract from our main message of the day: Pre-ordering for the Lilly Pulitzer Fall Stationery and Gifts Collection is now available!

Lilly Pulitzer Circle Notes

Ideal as a gift anytime of the year, we love the new patterns for the Circle Notes, perfectly packaged and adorned with a grosgrain ribbon bow. (And you know how silly we are for anything with a bow!)

Pocket Lilly Pads, the mini-notebooks with their own pencils are now just $6.50!

Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Lilly Pads

The Magnet Boards come with six coordinating magnets, and at $18.50 are an outstanding value!

A definite for us come Christmas will be the Imprintable Boxed Holiday Cards:

Lilly Pulitzer Boxed Holiday/Christmas Cards

We love the vibrancy of the colors so much we’ll make this item our Pretty in Pink for today.

And while these are located in our ‘Holiday‘ category at the Princess, the Taboo Imprintable cards are such a delightful pink and green it is obvious they’ll work any time of the year.

Lilly Pulitzer Taboo Cards

There are several other patterns of imprintable cards available.

We expect to start shipping pre-orders the third week of July. Before moving on we must take a moment to say a very public “Thank You” to the always-on-top-of-things and beyond-wonderful Ashley at Lifeguard Press, the Lilly Stationery Mother Ship.  Miss Ashley, without your assistance and guidance we would be helpless.

One last note, Lilly is retiring some of the patterns used in goods from this Spring’s launch.  Look for the word “Classic” in our Lilly titles; when those Classic products are sold out they will no longer be available.  If so inclined, it may be wise to pick up your favorites before they are merely fond memories!

Grins and giggles until next time!

A Big Day at the Prepatorium

Hello-Hello everyone!

We’re a tad excited this morning as it is rather a big day here at the Prepatorium. We have some exciting news to share with everyone, the specifics on that in a nanosecond.

As many readers know, things have become slightly hectic of late, due in large part to the remarkable growth at our little online boutique, the Preppy Princess, for which we are exceedingly grateful. Grateful not just because it lets us pay the minions needed to raise and lower the bridge over the moat here at the Palace (hee-hee), but because it allows our continued donations to Dogs for the Deaf (‘Rescuing Dogs, Enhancing Lives’), and Fisher House (‘Helping military families’).

Part of the Company’s longterm plan (and you know TP is nothing if not a fiend for planning) has always involved a network of strategic alliances with gifted, talented business professionals engaged in growing the company and their careers. This specific phase of The Plan was scheduled for implementation Q1, 2010 (aka First Quarter of next year).

However. (You knew there had to be one of these in this saga.) We like to believe we are somewhat nimble (one of the better buzzwords in MBA-land these days), capable of accommodating changing circumstances and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.  For example, we believe deviating from The Plan to add the Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gift line to our inventory is an example of just such an adjustment.

Lilly Pulitzer at

And now we are deviating from The Plan once again.

We have watched the phenomenal growth of a young lady’s blog over the last year, marveling at her many skills as they became evident through her writing.  We were fortunate in becoming acquainted with her as a customer, and then even luckier getting to know her as a friend.  For quite some time both The Consort and I have quietly nattered on about what an asset she would be to The Princess, an ideal candidate for our first Strategic Marketing Alliance, but she was already employed and it wasn’t time to do this and-on-and-on-and-on.

But then her employment situation changed and she was available. But still, this was a good six months ahead of schedule and we’re already pedaling as fast as we can, and-on-and-on-and-on.  Finally, the light bulb came on and we said, what is the worst that can happen? We have a conversation and somewhere in between the which-heels-are-better and have-you-seen-the- new-stationery-patterns we decide this is not the right time? Or it *is* the right time and we accelerate plans?

Said conversation was held and you may be amazed to learn there was very little discussion of heels. Or clothing. Or other frou-frou topics.  And that brings us to the big announcement: The Preppy Princess, LLC is more-than-pleased to announce our strategic marketing alliance with Misadventures of A Newlywed’s Stephanie.

Stephanie is one incredibly bright, accomplished, articulate woman, the ideal fit with our mission for the Princess. We love the chance to work with someone so enthusiastic about everything we carry, as well as someone based in a different part of the country, the southeast. Not to overlook the fact Stephanie is a whiz at marketing, and has long carried a passion for precisely this sort of business; our arrangement offers her a chance at testing the waters in this venue.

We’re also excited about the versatility in our agreement with Mrs. Newlywed, providing plenty of flexibility as she faces both a significant medical issue and then a decision on pursuing fulltime employment while recuperating this summer.  If all goes well and she loves it, Stephanie may have a new career and we may be even busier.  But if it doesn’t turn out to be everything both parties hope, or Stephanie wants to do it in addition to other employment, that works too.

We already consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to work together in a field we love; we are even more grateful to be able to seize an opportunity and work with an individual of Stephanie’s caliber.