• The Preppy Tote Part One

    Well, maybe in my dreams. At any rate, the trauma of snow at this point in the season (not as in ‘The Season,” but as in “Oh, Spring? Easter? Warm and gentle weather? Of course.”) has clearly resulted in major brain fade. Evidence of same? Forgetting to include some of our own goodies in the list. Here’s just a sampling of the fun totes we’ll be offering on the site:

    PreppyPrincess.com Charlevoix TotesPreppyPrincess.com Suncatcher Navy Striped Totes

    The Charlevoix stripes on the left can carry loads of stuff, and make an excellent alternative to plastic bags! The same can be said for the Suncatcher striped tote, and it’s the perfect grab and go overnight size. Only $16, who can say no?! Moi? At that price, never.

  • Spring is Sprung

    At last…..bright bouncy days alive with green shoots from optimism. Oh puh-leeze; that is so not happening at the moment. At least not in the great Midwest, most of the south and a good portion of the rest of the country. So here comes Peter Cottontail? I think not. In reality, Mother Nature is in utter hysterics like a girl at her first frat house party who has just experienced the joys of grain alcohol served straight out of what would normally be considered a trash can. “Easter egg hunt? Now? In the snow? Oh yeahhhhhhh.” Are you nuts?”

    However, all is not lost: we can still enjoy a few fresh thoughts in recognition of the change of season. Instead of staring at the snow piling up (or whatever your particular misery may be), let’s start at Charles Tyrwhitt, fab friends from the UK with a shop or two in midtown (I think – do send us a note if we’re wrong on the location):

    CT Women’s Pink Stripe ShirtTyrwhitt Black BlazerCharles Tyrwhitt Sky Stripe shirt

    The striped beauty on the far left is marked down from $120 to a mere $75. Who can resist that price? This black jacket is simply a must have, in a to-die-for linen and cotton blend, and quite the bargain at only $295, marked down from $450. Coming in at third place is the sky blue stripe shirt on the far right at $65.  Here is a link to the US Home page for CT; you know we *live* to make your life easier. Of course, if you can repeatedly spell the name without any trouble, then by all means, put yourselves on the Headmaster’s List for the semester.

    Moving on, we are pleasantly surprised to find ourselves favorably impressed by this delightful find suggested by FirstBlush.com, billing itself as “The Shopping Site for Women.” Hhhmmm…we are not convinced of that, but do stop by and take a peek if so inclined. (Do disregard their little typing error indicating the bag is from ‘piperline’, when they in fact mean to say “Piperlime.”) Better yet, pop on over to Piperlime and see the bag from every possible angle. BTW, any guidance you can give the Princess on the derivation of the name would be ever-so-appreciated. More importantly, is it a preppy purse in your opinion? Do tell.

    We can’t toddle off without showing these divine, dreamy looks for your little one from Best and Company. And before you ask, yes, it’s the ‘new’ Best, the one Susie Hilfiger bought a few years back. What a fabulous job she has done with the company – we are so thrilled to see things going well. If you can’t get to Greenwich or Bergdorf’s (it’s on 7) then give them a call; I think they are still doing trunk shows. Makes us wish they did grown-up girls, or that we were petite and sweet once again. Sigh.

    Best & Company Whale SweaterBest Pink Seersucker Smocked DressBest & Comapny Navy Sweater

    Well, it’s been divine dolls, but we simply must fly. Time to haul out the snowblower in an effort to unearth the eggs we hid on the lawn. Silly us. Can you say Judy Garland in Easter Parade? (Too young to have a clue? Rent it, buy it, or look it up at IMDB.com.)

  • Preppy Strikes Buffalo

    This just in: “Preppy Looks Prevail”, at least according to the Buffalo News. In this week’s Style section, writer Susan Martin pens a paragraph or so about spring fashions and the appeal of the Preppy Look. I must admit, I don’t believe Buffalo is on any of the Prepalicious Top 10 lists we’ve seen, but perhaps they have aspirations to same? Don’t take my word for it: click here and see for yourself.

  • Those Abercrombie Abs Part Two

    Robert Peary did not have a giant logo on the front of his parka when traveling to the North Pole. Nor did Amelia Earhart paint a massive moose silhouette on her aircraft in exchange for cash. And while some may say that Honey Fitz was “new money” (yes, we know, how dreadful to even discuss it) you did not see JFK with Abercrombie logos on his outdoor gear. Whyever not? Because that was back in the olden days when the once-great establishment catered to a much different clientele, offering vastly different merchandise. Oh, and using extraordinarily refined marketing techniques light years removed from the current crass and crude exploits practiced today by the very popular (in some quarters) retailer. And yesterday. And the day before, as we are all too sadly aware. This would be back in the dark ages of course, when their name was actually Abercrombie and Fitch Country Clothiers.
    While nattering on (and on) about some of the latest PR disasters at Abercrombie and Fitch yesterday, The Princess *did* mention something about sharing a bit of the brand’s history. Let’s just say this truly was a remarkable store, with incredible merchandise displays for even more incredible undertakings and adventures. The name was Plans for many of the family’s annual vacations never really got underway until one consulted Abercrombie’s; it was that simple. On safari in Africa? No problem, they had what you needed. New Year’s Eve on the QEII? They always kept Daddy’s measurements on hand in case it was time to order up a new dinner jacket. Looking for some snappy flasks to have engraved for your groomsmen? A&F supplied just what you needed. It really was the most astonishing merchandise mix you can imagine, although it did cater far more to a gentleman than a lady. Unless one needed a new hacking jacket or pith helmet, ladies fared better at Best or Bloomingdale’s or Bonwits.
    When we were children we simply adored the giant stuffed bears and tigers and other animals they had in the stores. Then things went downhill, in a hurry it seems, and suddenly this most magical of shopping establishments was gone. Doors closed and windows covered. The Princess remembers how very sad it was arriving at the front door, encountering just such a depressing display – CLOSED. Then it seemed some sporting goods retailer was going to be their saving grace (okay, ours if truth be told) but that didn’t turn out so very well either. And then the Limited folks made their appearance, proving that some things are worse than being bankrupt! Simultaneously the once-simple label affixed to the lower side seam was fed retail steroids and it just grew and grew and grew into the monstrosity seen today. (Also shown below as it was above, merely an effort to minimize trauma for those unfamiliar with the brand – this way you needn’t trouble yourselves looking it up online.)
    There it is. Yawn. Tedious, I know. And of course we still use the turtleneck, it’s perfectly serviceable.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    The best antidote when encountering another dark & dreary we-thought-spring-was-here morning is often a peek at something brighter. This morning we meandered amongst some of the absolutely darling children’s springtime outfits and accessories, here is a tiny sampling for your discriminating eye. On the far left is an incredibly sweet Lilly Pulitzer, embroidered seersucker in bright and bouncy springtime hues from the dolls at In the Pink. We do the more formal ‘dress up clothes’ next with the two on the right perfectly suited for an Easter brunch at the Club or at Grandmother’s cottage at the Hamptons. This exquisite, elegant beauty by the masters at Tartine et Chocolat is one ensemble we spotted whilst at Saks. (For a look at all of this brand’s goodies at Saks, here you go!) And you have probably already guessed the designer and purveyor of the always-appropriate seersucker suit at the left; of course it is Brooks Brothers. And then last (The Princess is quite behind in her Sunday obligations and must absolutely toddle on to her next engagement!) but most definitely not least, some delightful items from The Children’s Place, an establishment we must admit we are not familiar with, separated by a classic Florence Eiseman that is too wonderful to pass up.