• Prep Your Look with Accessories

    Being preppy doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings and burn the midnight oil just to afford some stunning preppy looks. Preppy fashion is all about a clean cut, polished, classic and simple style, which can be achieved with a few key accessories that can tie into your existing wardrobe.

    Here are two accessories that can literally “prep up your wardrobe”, which easily combine with outfits you already have in your closet and won’t send your bank manager in a fury.

    Preppy Belts

    A belt is a very basic accessory. But some of you must be wondering what the heck a preppy belt is? These belts don’t necessarily have to be from Polo, Lilly, Brooks Brothers, or Lacoste to fall under Preppy chic, nor do they have to be sponsored by any New England Ivy League College


    These are usually a skinny cotton web belt with ribbon that has needlepoint and may be monogrammed. The designs are playful to subtle, with images you may see while vacationing on the coast of Maine or at Martha’s Vineyard. Motifs such as crabs, whales, sail boats, anchors, golf clubs and tennis rackets; from getting political with the Republican Party Elephant to the sophisticated colours and fabrics of the Democratic Party such as gold, black, brown, silk, leather and grosgrain or woven belts..

    Monogrammed Tote Bags

    Perhaps, your outfit simply won’t work with a belt? So, opt for a monogrammed tote bag instead. Monogrammed tote bags are so PREP –tastic! They also range according to everybody’s budget, from Louis Vuitton or Gucci to a simple personalized monogram with your initials just like Paris Hilton’s younger sister, Nicky Hilton, is sporting.


  • The Consort’s Version of “Cash For Clunkers” or Carpe Auto

    Hello-hello, all.  The Consort boldly stepping mikeside to entertain you while The Princess enjoys quality time with The Queen Mother.   Meanwhile, I beg your indulgence for a few moments as you ramp up your weekend festivities.

    I’ve been watching this so-called “Cash For Clunkers” program with some interest.  It seems like the perfect opportunity to upgrade the family transportation.

    Yugo? No go.

    Sporty… sassy.  No, we’re not talking about this car.  The best thing about the Yugo was the heated back windows.  Kept your hands warm when you were pushing the car during the winter months.  Bombing the production factory during the Balkan War was not the negative it might first appear.  So let’s get involved in this wonderful “Cash For Clunkers” program, shall we?  Let’s go green and save the Earth.  I’m thinking electric here…

    Tesla Roadster

    Now the $100,000 price tag for the Tesla Roadster is a bit of a stretch but with my “CfC” money I should be golden.  This little electric-powered beauty goes from 0-60 in four seconds.  The Yugo does 0-60 in four days.  I like the direction in which this is heading.  But this snappy little two-seater doesn’t solve the “Tilly Transportation” problem.  Perhaps I need to expand my vision.

    50’s Woody Photo: examiner.com

    Now we’re talking family transportation.  Room in the back for Tilly to roam.  Real wood panels.  Captures the essence of Preppy Lifestyle.  This would really look nice pulling into the Piggly Wiggly during our weekly shopping excursion.  Perhaps with all the money I get for the Yugo I can get both the Woody for The Princess and a little something for me to sport around town.


    I’ve always considered a Mercury to be a “grown-up” ride.  Smooth, dignified, classy.  Of course the bright red convertible conveys a subtle message, wouldn’t you agree?  I’m not going to add the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror because that would be… well, too much.

    All this is possible because of the governmental wonder that is the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  I can hardly wait!  What?  Out of money?  A government program going over budget?  How can that be?  Just go ahead and get more money!  But am I too late?  Are my dreams shattered?

    Ah, life.  It’s not always fair but it’s always entertaining.

    Thanks for your careful attention these past few minutes.  The Princess will be taking her usual place in your computer and I’ll return at some point in the future.  Until we meet again remember to take care of your waitperson tonight; they’re working hard for you.  Try the chipped beef on toast; it’s excellent.  Now sit back and enjoy the unique stylings of four young fellows who might have a future in the music business.

  • Target’s Gossip Girl Line & the Rumors, A Preppy Mish-Mash

    Hello-Hello everyone, welcome to our wild Wednesday. It has been insanely busy here at the Prepatorium, so we are going to be mercifully brief today!

    We begin with a rapid rundown of the big to-do that isn’t, this one involving the much-discussed Anna Sui Gossip Girl line for Target due to debut September 13.

    Courtesy Target

    Evidently the rumor mill was peaking in the Hysteria Zone Monday with a story that the ‘rambunctious activities’ (our phrase) of the characters on Gossip Girl were so mature and non-family-friendly that Targèt was not going to move forward with the line. Clearly that would have been lunacy with merchandise this close to being shipped to stores. Honestly.

    Here are a few more looks from the line.

    Courtesy Target

    In fact, a Target spokesman told StyleList:

    “We are moving forward as planned with the four principal leads of ‘Gossip Girl’ as our creative muses.” And added, “Unfortunately, there was misinformation passed around and we are still very excited about the collaboration.”

    Courtesy Target

    It seems the retailer is more than pleased by their association with the hit television show; the StyleList story also explains Target is the official sponsor of the G2 season premiere September 14, the day after the collection launches.


    Next, a peek at a few of the looks on tap from Talbots for the Holiday and Resort seasons. We start with an oversized tartan plaid on the button-front dress seen below.

    Courtesy The Fashion List

    Talbots will also offer a rich black trench for their Resort line.

    Courtesy The Fashion List

    Our thanks to the folks over at the Fashion List for their insightful post on the upcoming Talbots styles, as well as thoughts on the store’s direction:

    “The Holiday 2009 collection… made the case loud & clear that Talbot’s was not choosing the typical slippery slope of reduced prices (aka reduced quality) that so many companies mistakenly follow when times get tough, but rather looking at their existing customer (50+ year olds)… embarking on a mission to attract the generation before these ladies (the 35 to 50 set) & creating offerings that would give them a reason to walk through the company’s trademark red door & walk out happily…”

    What are your thoughts, can Talbots regain the under-50 shopper? We believe they can garner some, but it is going to be a tough sell shedding what has become a dowdy, frumpish image.

    Whilst speaking of Talbots, a quick reminder: don’t forget their Summer Sale and Clearance continues with an additional 25% off already reduced merchandise.

    Also continuing their Final Sale, J. Crew, saying they have added more merchandise to the sale.


    Next, a look at a lush silk organza dress from the Milly Holiday Collection; while much too fun and young for this oldster, but we do find that oversized bow rather adorable.

    PHOTO: Talaya Centeno/WWD

    Our thanks to Women’s Wear Daily for this image.


    We have a few items for our Pretty in Pink today, our first is from  with the Kate Spade Fairmount Park Jori Dress.


    One reason we wanted to showcase Kate Spade is the fact they are taking an additional 40% off already reduced Sale merchandise.  This makes the cost of the dress shown above approximately $156; the original selling price was $345.

    We understand if you feel the urge to flee this site and head over there, no hurt feelings whatsoever, exigent circumstances do arise in retail, and we fully understand. (Ahem.)


    Also continuing their sale (but not with such steep discounting), Brooks Brothers.


    The image above references the markdowns on Brooks’ Non-Iron shirts; we can attest to the fabulosity of these, the shirts really are divine. And at these prices, the opportunity to stock up on a basic is really very tempting. Even for TP. (Sssshh.)


    We close with our other Pretty in Pink item,

    The Container Store via Pink & Green Scene

    We were tipped to this treasure by the always-on-top-of-things-folks over at Pink and Green Scene, where it was mentioned in Monday’s post.

    This Just In – a Quote of the Day from The Consort: “If this is ‘mercifully short’ then I’m afraid to see what painfully long would be.” Ouch. But then, he is correct. Quite so.

    Until next time, may it be Prepalicious everywhere you are today!

  • More Lilly Pulitzer Sneak Peek & “When Logos Attack”

    Hello-Hello everyone, happy Thursday!

    We are ever-so-pleased to finally be composing our little post today, because it means that electrical service has been restored to the Prepatorium. Honestly, this is the sort of thing that causes us to question the wisdom of that moat around the Palace, you all know the perils of raising the drawbridge when lacking electrical power, the minions are just so cranky on this issue.

    And frankly, the timing is classic, as we had such grand Bloggage plans today, coordinated in advance with Miss Misadventures Herself (aka Misadventures of a Newlywed) as we were covering the same topic, and we were both going to send our readers to each other’s site to “see more pictures.” Pictures of what, you ask?

    Why, it’s time to share more from this fall’s new (and exceptionally fabulous) Lilly Pulitzer Stationery and Gifts Collection, arriving here at the Princess within weeks!

    We start with the new Lilly Holiday Ornament Sets.


    These are offered in our favorite color combo, natch, and will run $17.50 for a set of three.


    We have moved up the start of pre-ordering, it begins Monday, the 6th!

    Next on our hit parade, the Lilly Highlighters Set, an ideal gift for any time of the year, definitely perfect as a stocking stuffer.


    Also new on the horizon, the Lilly Cocktail Shakers, more-than-fun IOHO, sure to make any beverage tastier.


    Shaken Up and Juice Bar, left to right respectively, are the patterns for the shakers, retailing at $39.50.  And Juice Bar will match all of the other Lilly Juice Bar and Juice Stand tableware for an even more stylish table.

    Also on the beverage front, new Thermal Travel Mugs.


    The patterns are Vintage Patch, Private Property and Trouble Hibiscus; these are $15.50. We have more images of the Paper Doll Book:

    Preppy Princess

    Does anyone else recognize a familiar piece of clothing or two…? These look like loads of fun for your Tiny Prep.

    We cannot believe how quickly our IT Department (cough-cough, IT Dept = The Consort) has created the new web pages for everyone to use to pre-order, he is just Mr. Speedy!


    This next item is so incredibly fabulous we absolutely had to include it today, despite it making the post even pokier than usual.

    It’s the collaboration between Lacoste and Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, creating polo shirts for the preppy retailer’s 4th Holiday Collector’s Series.

    Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

    How remarkable are these?

    Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

    There will be 20,000 of the limited edition polos available, and while much-too-cool for yours truly, we adore their spirit.

    There will also be a “Super-Limited Edition” (ahem) of the shirt seen below, created entirely from the little Lacoste Alligator logos.

    Courtesy Lacoste via Dezeen.com

    There are to be only 12 men’s and 12 women’s in this version; here is a closer look, via Yatzer.

    Courtesy Photo via Yatzer.com

    If wondering about our Logophobia, we can only say “non, non, non, ce n’est pas un problème,” for these appear to be done with an artistic eye, yes, but an outlook accompanied by a touch of whimsy.  They do not appear to take themselves too seriously. Very, very witty.

    Now, if seeking furniture, the brothers are also noted for their Alligator Chair.

    Courtesy Yatzer.com


    Grins and giggles until next time!

  • Lilly Pulitzer Fall/Holiday 2009 Stationery & Gifts Preview

    Hello-Hello, and happy Thursday!

    Has anyone melted into a little puddle with the high temps and almost-as-high humidity? Does everyone have regional phrases when it gets like this? A classic in The Great Midwest is rather coarse, but we’re claiming a pickled brain today so here it is: “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.” What are some of the local comments you are fond of when meteorological circumstances hit these extremes?

    Next… we do a 180-degree turn to engage in the publication of this completely commercial message from the Prepatorium.

    Yes, despite the weather outside, it is time for TP to think fall and winter and holidaze holidays! Believe it or not, we shall soon be getting new Lilly Pulitzer Stationery and Gift merchandise into the shoppe.


    Above, Fa La Lilly and Berry, the new gift wrap patterns. There are also two different ornament sets, along with Fireplace Matches in two patterns.

    The new Note Card sets are outstanding, we especially love the updated Dress Notecard designs. (BTW, our stock of Dress Notecards is down to 8 or 9, and that’s it, the end, as a new group of shift dress patterns is being introduced.)


    While we don’t yet have the images, there are also several patterns of Imprintable Holiday Cards that we think you will find irresistible.

    New for the Collection? Thermal mugs, something we desperately need here at the Prepatorium. (Not that anyone ever knocks anything over. On the desk. Or the Keyboard.)

    Those who bake will love the next addition to the Lilly line: cookie cutters.

    We are already planning on these as the ideal gift for a number of friends.

    Now, regular readers are aware of our annual struggle, always involving two irreconcilable beliefs:

    1. The entire merchandising and marketing of the season is out of control, a horrid practice that has moved so far beyond commercial tackiness it defies description;
    2. The petulant capitalist query: “Why are they not doing a better job executing holiday marketing strategies?”

    Clearly we never get these dueling concerns in sync. We never will. But as a merchant (ooooh, that has such a rugged, un-Princess-like sound, doesn’t it?) it would be deceitful to say we don’t enjoy sharing new things with everyone, as we do. We find it an utterly delightful way of spending time.

    Perfect for any season IOHO, having a little Lilly on hand for the cocktail hour is a plus, no matter what we’re celebrating!

    Possibly the item we have been hoping for the most….? A Lilly Pulitzer  Calendar! Yes, we are more-than-gaga for the 2010 Wall Calendar seen below right….

    Not to mention the desktop Calendars we’ll soon have available, they are absolutely wonderful as well; there are also Planning Agendas in both standard and pocket sizes.

    Knowing how popular the Lilly Activity Book for Minnies is, we expect the paper dolls (below left) to also be in high demand.

    And did you see the Magnet Board on the right in the picture above? We get so many requests for these, we’re ecstatic to see them!

    Ordering for the new Collection will be done much as we did the initial Lilly launch: we will start taking pre-orders on July 8th, possibly sooner if at all possible. A pre-order means that once we receive our shipment of goodies from the Lilly folks, your merchandise is shipped first.  You are not charged *until* your order is filled, it is rather akin to reserving one’s items. We plan on sending out the first shipments to our customers at the very end of July, or the first week in August.

    Another way to stay on top of all things Lilly here at the Palace, sign up for our Lilly Pulitzer email list at Preppy Princess. (Scroll down and it is on the bottom of the righthand column.) Not to worry about privacy if one should elect to sign up, we never (never, ever) give anyone your information, we are what you might call hypersensitive to that sort of thing.

    This in no way covers the gamut of new products for the line, nor does it include the *new* line of paper goods we are adding to the mix later this week or early next week. We’ll be a horrid little human, merely saying everything has a Nantucket theme!

    Thanks for popping in dollfaces, we do love spending time with you! Have a simply terrific afternoon and evening!