The Consort Has Seen Enough

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Hello-hello, all.  The Consort here shuffling mikeside to dazzle and baffle you while The (Very Talented and Lovely) Princess engages in some retail therapy.  And therapy, in whichever form it takes, is a very welcome thing right about now.  Why? This.

Looking out the front door

This is the scene outside the front door of The Prepatorium.  The actual temperature is in single digits and the wind chill tonight is expected to hit -30° F.  That, gentle readers, is cold.  And I’ve had enough.  The snow and cold feel relentless this winter.  Last week we finally saw temperatures above freezing for the first time this year.  The balmy 40° weather lasted two days.  It was a tease and now we are paying the price for the folly of thinking Spring was nearing.  But what should I expect?  I was born and raised in this area.  You’d imagine I would embrace the winter weather and not go all whiny on you.  Maybe I need to change my point of view and find some opportunities.  Like these people.

Paul Harrison/SkyNews Twitter

The French ski resorts of Val Thorens and Les Menuires recently squared off in a snow rugby game.  I don’t know who won (don’t really care) but love the idea of thumbing your nose at the elements.  I can only imagine how much fun it would be to wash someone’s face with snow in the middle of a scrum.  Or maybe something less involved.

When was the last time you made a snow angel?  I can’t remember when I flopped down in the snow and created a work of snow art.  Maybe that’s part of the issue here.  I need to recapture that childlike sense of joy at seeing the snow. Go back to a time when a big snowfall meant a day off of school, making snowmen and angels.  And Mom going crazy when we left our snowy boots and mittens all over the house. Then enjoying the mug of hot chocolate she’d make to warm us up.

Time passes.  Responsibilities build and demands must be met.  Nuts to that.  I’m going outside to make a snow angel.

Thanks for indulging me today.  The Princess will return very soon with tidbits of information that will be much more important than my ravings.  Remember to take care of your waitperson today because they’re working hard for you.  Good-bye for now, everybody!

  • PBChic
    February 27, 2014

    Ever since Palm Beachers lost the Duke & Duchess of Windsor to make fools of themselves over, things have never been the same around here; a vacuum of sorts was created which some arrivistes try to fill with the various Eurotrash (and con artists) arriving a few weeks into the start of each Season as regularly as the auto carriers with their precious cargo of Bentleys, RRs & Jags (can’t have those odometers going up & decreasing value, now can we?). So, forget about your frigid blues, call your travel agent & come on down to where the palm trees sway, it’s 13 degrees above normal seasonal temps and a wonderama of delights is available for your choosing every day of the week! From high-goal polo on Sunday in Wellington to Tuesdays at the Four Arts where prominent speakers lecture at the sold-out Speakers’ Series to evening concerts at the Kravis Center and professional theaters to world-class shopping on Worth Av. where many of the finest shops still have a toe-hold in the playground of the über-wealthy & their house guests.

    The polo season suffered an awful blow Tues. by a horrific accident and subsequent death on the playing field of 9-goal player, +Carlos Gracida, 53.
    His mount was struck in the head by a mallet; the horse then pulled back it’s head which hit Gracida’s face, sending him toppling to the field; his injured horse then fell on top of him. +Gracida, father of 2, brother of equally-famous Memo, of Mexico City, died a few hrs. later. He was considered the sport’s genius and had the courtly manners of an Old World gentleman: one of the last of a dying breed.

  • Mrs. SLPS
    February 28, 2014

    I agree with PBChic, come on down. :-) Have a great Friday (despite your current gloomy weather).

  • theenchantedhome
    March 2, 2014

    Hi there, trying to play catch up here! miss visiting and still trying to add you to my blogroll (sending you a separate email). I hear you on the snow…enough is enough more coming this way tongiht but thankfully totals have been downgraded to ONLY 6’…..who would have thought I would be thankful in March for only 6″:) The crazy weather has affected so many in so many parts of the country…its just nuts.

    Snow angel huh? I may just try that!

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