The Consort Sings The Praises of Red Plaid

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort here gliding effortlessly mikeside to confuse you while The (very lovely and extremely talented) Princess warms her tootsies by the fire.  We are in the grips of some very cold weather.  In fact, the weather weenies have named it a “Polar Vortex”.  That makes it extra-cold, don’t you think?  Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks getting blasted by snow and bitter cold today in the Northeast.  We have friends and family in the path of this latest winter extravaganza and hope all the best for them.  All this cold weather makes me think of plaid. Red plaid. It’s the wonder pattern of the our generation.  Let’s explore the many uses of this marvel of fashion, shall we?

Bonobos Red Plaid Sportcoat

The good folks at Bonobos calls this their “Drunken Uncle Jacket” and who am I to dispute that?  It’s 100% wool and 150% awesome. Wear this jacket and be the guy who polishes off the Wild Turkey and cocktail sausages at your next family party.  Trust me: they’ll thank you for being fashion-forward.  Bonus – the jacket is on sale.  And why wouldn’t it be?

Red Plaid Formal Jacket

Perhaps the event demands more than a sport coat.  That’s when you unleash this subtle beauty.  A red plaid tuxedo jacket is just what you need for any black tie occasion.  And this just gets better and better.  This jacket can be custom made for you by these folks for a mere $90.  What could possibly go wrong?  I’m not sure what the material is but I’m not sure I’d want to be standing near any open flames while wearing the jacket.

Red Plaid Varsity Jacket

Then there is the Forever 21 crowd embracing (gingerly, at best) the red plaid.  Maybe I’m showing my age but I earned a varsity jacket while I was in school.  Thanks to the Forever 21 people you too can look like you are on the varsity team.  Yeah!  Everyone gets a ribbon!  Truthfully, this mash-up of tennis sweater and lumber camp might be an acquired taste.  Although it’s perfect for cutting lumber and then smashing some forehands.  Perhaps that explains why it’s on sale.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 3.44.25 PM

In my mind I’m imagining a camp full of lumberjacks all dressed in red plaid boxer shorts.  Actually, that statement came out wrong.  I’m not imagining that at all and never could.  I applaud the man who boldly sports these plaid boxers.  He’s making a fashion statement and I appreciate that.  Perhaps his workplace dress code does not endorse red plaid.  But he’s a rebel and waves his red plaid proudly, if only undercover.

As you can see the opportunities are endless when you embrace the magic that is red plaid.  Make your own statement and add some color to this dreary winter weather.  The Princess will return shortly and I thank you for your patience while I wandered around in my head.  Remember to take care of your waitperson tonight – they’re working hard for you.  Good night, all!

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  1. pigtown*design
    January 22, 2014 at 7:54 pm (6 months ago)

    you crack me up!

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