The Preppiest States in America & Your Very Own Downton Abbey

Hello-Hello, welcome to the end of what feels like a very long week. And that comes from someone who wasn’t even tasked with looking after children for whom Christmas vacation went on…and on.. and on!

Today we are brief, with a quick look at what some have dubbed the “Preppiest States” in the Union. But first, let us harken back to a post that generated (understandably) a bit of chatter. In this post last September we shared news that The Business Insider had declared that San Francisco was the “preppiest city” in America.  I bring this up only because today’s look at the hypothetically preppiest states also comes from….The Business Insider.

The article is titled Here’s a Map of the Preppiest States in America.

Popped collars, bow ties and seersucker suits are among the many fashion items that have come to define the preppy lifestyle.

But a recent thread on Quora argues that the prevalence of those styles isn’t a true representative of how “preppy” a state or region is; Rather, it’s the concentration of preparatory schools — where the word “preppy” came from — that dictates an area’s partiality to Polo and Vineyard Vines.
The story includes this map created by Prep School Sports Connection, an organization that helps student athletes find the best match in a prep school for their skill set, goals, and other factors.
Prep School Sports Connection via The Business Insider

Prep School Sports Connection via The Business Insider

Clearly the states with the highest concentration of prep schools are located in the northeast; here is a closer look at that portion of the country.


Prep School Sports Connection via The Business Insider

This article makes much more sense than last September’s piece proclaiming San Francisco uber-preppy. This one has a rationale, a logic that resonates.

“It’s probably safe to say that the majority of top prep schools are in the Northeast because that’s where the country originated, and is still heavily populated,” Prep School Sports Connection Founder Michael Stone told Business Insider. “Some of the schools are as old as — or older than — the U.S. (yes, older than 1776). However, that doesn’t explain why more never opened in the western two-thirds of the country.”

Another reason why most prep schools are located in the Northeast is because of their proximity to Ivy League schools, he added.

The Quora discussion referenced in the story may be found here.  It is at that site one discovers the map actually shows not just the geographic locations of schools, but the top 150 prep schools as ranked by three factors: financial resources, athletics and academics. Participants in the Quora conversation make some outstanding points, particularly about the merits of Rhode Island’s standing among the states. A heads-up: one must register for Quora, or sign in via a Facebook account.
To read the entire Business Insider story, click here.
Our other tidbit today involves Downton Abbey.  The popular television show returned this past Sunday with a two-hour season première that broke all previous ratings records.
PBS Masterpiece

PBS Masterpiece

Now the Downton Abbey merchandise has really begun to surface. Last year we told you about officially licensed DA paint colors, and cosmetics. This year things have ramped up a bit. Behold, the official Downton Abbey house from Department 56.
Department 56/Enesco

Department 56/Enesco

The house can be yours for $240.  You can also purchase the figurines shown with the Abbey, I believe they are supposed to be Violet, the Dowager Countess, along with  Robert and Cora, the Earl and Countess of Grantham.

Department 56/Enesco

Department 56/Enesco

With that we say g’bye until next time, may your weekend be warmer and more relaxing than last weekend.


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  1. I’m so happy Downton is back! I’m very excited to see what everyone wears this season.

  2. Interesting…..I am surprised about San Francisco, did not realize its uber preppy! I look forward to visiting the article, sounds intriguing! Hope your 2014 is off to a fabulous start!

  3. Lisa M

    I love Dept 56 and used to have Kensington Palace, but alas I’m scaling back on my stuff and sold it to a friend along with the whole village. However, I LOVE the DA pieces and may be reconsidering my previously held low-maintenance stance. But let’s get to the real point of this comment, I received an email from Bed Bath & Beyond announcing DA jewelry. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was, a whole collection. *sigh*

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