Holidays on Ice

Hello-Hello and welcome to our wacky week.  Why wacky? Because we’ve had another storm here in The Great Midwest; many family members and friends are without power. Parties have been canceled, schedules rearranged, other family members left town early.

This time the issue is ice.

Ice Storm Day Two Pond #1

Everywhere you look there is ice.

Ice Storm 2013 Nature Park Ice

And more ice.

Ice Storm 2013 Holly Bush (1) copy

And still more.

Ice Storm 2013 Day 2 Park

There is also significant damage from the storm.

Ice Storm Day 2 Kinawa Trees

One area of debris here at The Prepatorium.

Ice Storm 2013 Backyard Debris #1

More tree limbs down in the backyard.

Ice Storm 2013 Backyard Debris #2

We lost one of our flamingos. (Sniff.)

Ice Storm 2013 Pink Flamingo Killed by Falling Branch

The Consort’s weathervane took a direct hit, you can see the duck portion that was broken off from the body of the device.

Broken Duck Weathervane

The area where our tree fell on our neighbor’s house in the November storm, now it has even more damage.

Ice Storm 2013 Scene Between House Stump from Previous Storm (1)

It remains too cold for any kind of melting.

Ice Storm 2013 Willow Tree & Shrubs Ice Covered copy

In a nearby neighborhood the weighted tree branches are so low they are scraping the tops of cars.

Ice Storm Day 2 Nearby Neighborhood

That weight puts quite a strain on branches and foliage.

Ice Storm Day 2 Ice on Berries

It is very eerie outside when there is even the slightest of breezes: the only sound is branches creaking and the ice cracking. Sometimes the ice breaks up and things snap off, falling to the ground.


We are so fortunate to be warm and safe. We’re even more grateful to have electricity, and especially thankful that family members who came to town for an early Christmas are all safely back home.  That is more important than anything. Events and functions can always be rescheduled, appointments rearranged, get togethers planned for another time.

Look who came through unscathed.

Ice Storm 2013 St. Francis Unharmed copy

St. Francis.


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7 Responses to Holidays on Ice

  1. Elizabeth Ruddell

    While an ice storm is beautiful it is also extremely inconvenient! In our part of the Great Midwest (Indiana) we have been inundated with copious amounts of RAIN. Rain has washed away all of the pretty snow leaving us with a wet and soggy Christmas. Please take care and stay safe! Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful but dangerous. Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Scarlett

    Keep warm and safe. Love your St Francis statue. Will try and source one in the UK for my garden. How tall is yours please? Thank you. :)

  4. Such beautiful pictures!! I love winter weather!

  5. I hope you are starting to melt by now! We are expecting a blizzard this afternoon through the evening. I do not like these WInter months when the weather becomes extreme!

  6. mona

    My goodness. Mother Nature has not been kind to y’all as of late. And now more frigid temps! Please stay warm and safe. I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous, and less disastrous 2014! xx

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