Things That Make You Go Hmmm…..

Hello-Hello, today we share an odd assortment of tidbits and morsels, most the kind of things that make me sit back and ponder. The first such item is this.



From the production company’s website:

Diana is a compelling portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales during the final two years of her life. It charts how finding true personal happiness allowed her to achieve her defining successes, as she evolved into a major international campaigner and humanitarian.
The film is due for worldwide release in 2013

The trailer for the film was also recently released.

King Video Clips

eOne Films

There is a Facebook page for the film as well.

'Diana' Film Official Facebook Page

‘Diana’ Film Official Facebook Page

The film is slated for release in the UK about two months from now, September 20. A specific US premiere date hasn’t yet been announced,  but it is expected to be this fall.

'Diana' Film Facebook Page

‘Diana’ Film Facebook Page

The film’s official Facebook page even has some side-by-side photos of Princess Diana and Ms. Watts.

'Diana' Film Official Facebook page

‘Diana’ Film Official Facebook page

I am an enormous Naomi Watts fan, but am not sure how eager I am to see this particular movie. Is it goofy to just kind of prefer remembering Diana as she was….?


With apologies to those who may have seen me tweet this, the next thing involves Le Boutique Targét.



Target had another Black Friday in July sale last weekend. Meijer is doing a similar series of sales, as are many other retailers. I’m with Marketing Pilgrim on this one:

It’s our own fault. We’ve all embraced this Christmas in July thing, so Black Friday was the natural next step. But here’s the problem – if you run a special sale every week, then it’s not really a special sale, is it? Why not do away with sales altogether and go with rock bottom prices every day of the year?

J.C. Penney tried that and failed. Seems customers don’t trust you when you say something is priced low all the time.



Here is today’s time-waster. Behold, BabyCam (as I’m calling it), ideal for those eagerly awaiting news from across the pond.

The Sun Newspaper (UK)

The Sun Newspaper (UK)

Brought to you by The Sun newspaper in Britain, that is a live shot of the hospital where a certain Royal is expected to deliver her baby at some point in the next….well, at some point in the future.  And you can now watch that very same live feed on your computer, it is up and viewable 24 hours a day.


 Speaking of  babies, I hadn’t realized the stress associated with naming one’s offspring.  Alex Williams had a fascinating piece in the Times sharing the process he and his wife, Joanna, went through.

What’s in a name? What isn’t, these days? Baby naming has become an industry — with paid consultants, books, Web sites brimming with trend data, and academic studies exploring correlations between baby names and future success. The once-simple task of coming up with a monogram for the baby blanket has evolved into a high-stakes exercise in personal “branding.”

And so many prospective parents feel paralyzed, trying to find the elusive name that is exotic yet not bizarre, classic yet not pompous, on trend but not trendy.

Many of us enjoy a casual scan of the annual lists of popular names, a glance at those gaining and losing in popularity.

The Social Security Administration’s list …for 2012, released last month, showed a continued slide for staples like “John” (now No. 28) and “Mary” (123), which were among the Top 5 for a big chunk of the 20th century; the biggest gainers were “Major” (483 from 988) and “Arya” (413 from 711).

And then there are those celebrity baby names.

Not long ago, unusual baby names were largely the province of celebrities — who can forget the rolled eyes that greeted “Apple” (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter) or “Moxie CrimeFighter” (Penn Jillette’s daughter).

I think this was written before a certain famous child was given a directional moniker. Back to the story.

Looking beyond the Top 1000 was not enough for Jenn Lewis-Gordon, a waitress in Lakewood, N.J. She and her husband crossed off any name that had been used more than 100 times in the entire country in the last year. This left “Ptolemy,” “Bombay,” “Thursday” and “Ocean,” as well as “Atlas,” their ultimate choice. “I feel as though he’ll be less likely to be a follower if he starts out from the beginning being different,” Ms. Lewis-Gordon, 35, explained.

As I said, things that make you go “Hmmmm.” You may read the entire column here.


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6 Responses to Things That Make You Go Hmmm…..

  1. what’s even funnier than the NYT article is the comments! excoriating!

  2. I dont’ see Naomi playing Diana at all. I say let her legacy be the elegant graceful beloved person that she was and let it lie in peace. Enjoy your day!

  3. Lauren

    Just a few things….
    1) Naomi Watts looks more like a bad Diana replica doll than Princess Diana. I don’t think this story needs to be told, so I won’t be seeing it.
    2) Regarding the babycam, I thought there were a couple of hospitals Kate could deliver at. I’d totally love it if she delivered at the other one and left all these stalkers and peeping toms high & dry!
    3) I remember reading that article and finding it interesting that they are predicting a swing back towards the Marys. Bills, Sues, and Johns. I personally will be picking a name from my family tree, and he or she will probably be the only William or Catherine in their class. Guess I’m ahead of the trend!

  4. “Baby Monitor”–what a fitting name. :) I didn’t see anything too exciting going on ATM, but you know I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled! ;)
    I found that baby names article fascinating. I’m also obsessed with names, as much with the meanings behind them as the sound of them. This becomes especially tedious as an author. ;) Luckily, I already have baby names picked out–if they’re girls, anyway!
    I hope they will be respectful with the “Diana” movie. I’m a little nervous they won’t be, but I will probably want to watch it, no matter what.

  5. I loved Di but this moofie just looks like a Bridge Too Far.

  6. Allyson/HBMomof2

    I am with you on the Diana movie. I am skipping.

    As for names…when I was pregnant with my son, my hubby wanted Zachary and I wanted Colby. He didn’t want a son that was named after a cheese and just about everyone we knew had a boy named Zack or Jack. We settled on our consolation name Thomas (neither of us had never met a Tom, Tommy or Thomas we didn’t like). But then came the middle name. I wanted to name him after my favorite president Reagan so we were on our way to doing that, but then realized that his initials would be TRD. Yes, that’s right turd. Given my affinity for monograms it just wouldn’t do, so we gave him my grandfather’s name for the middle, Gene. TGD, much better. There is a lot to think about. We wanted biblical and American historical. Thomas and Abigail is what we ended up with. They fit them both, thankfully. This post made me laugh remembering all of that craziness now 6 years ago!

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