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Today’s post is brief, a quick word about something that caught our eye, “The Preppy Cookbook: Classic Recipes for the Modern Prep“.

The Preppy Cookbook by Christine E. Nunn

The Preppy Cookbook by Christine E. Nunn

The book is by Bergen County chef Christine E. Nunn. More from the publisher’s notes:

The Preppy Cookbook will guide you, step by step, in creating a kitchen, and a world, that exemplifies the preppy lifestyle. Christine Nunn, the former executive chef at Picnic, offers more than 125 perfectly tested recipes.

The book’s publication date is about six weeks away, August 27. A bit more from the cover notes:

More than just a recipe collection, The Preppy Cookbook is a cheeky, cover-to-cover read that’s one part satire, one part delicious. Using a variety of sidebars and commentaries, the book serves up time-tested traditions and techniques, along with recipes for the perfect hollandaise, potato salad with crème fraîche and caviar, tea sandwiches, Bloody Marys, and lobster rolls, among others.

Appropriately, Ms. Nunn’s Twitter user name is Preppy Chef, here are two rather luscious looking photos from her feed, perhaps those used to illustrate the book.

Photos via Christine E. Nunn Twitter Feed (@PreppyChef)

Photos via Christine E. Nunn Twitter Feed (@PreppyChef)

More on the upcoming release from Vicki Hyman in the Star-Ledger:

…is a satire of sorts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted to whip up some crab dip and pour yourself a G&T to enjoy on the porch of your imaginary lake house. The recipes are all very real, elegant but easy-to-make classics with a few modern twists developed by the longtime caterer.

Ms. Nunn knows her way around food, she is currently executive chef at the Grange restaurant in Westwood, NJ.

Photos: Grange Restaurant

Photos: Grange Restaurant

Back to Ms. Hyman’s story:

It’s an unapologetic, playful celebration of all things preppy, with cheeky rules (“We preps do not believe in conspicuous consumption in general. However, cocktails and caviar are exceptions to this rule.”) and guidelines for stocking your liquor cabinet or packing the perfect picnic basket.

One more quick pic via Ms. Nunn’s Twitter feed, I’m thinking this is the “perfect hollandaise” mentioned in the liner notes.

Christine Nunn Twitter Feed (@PreppyChef)

Christine Nunn Twitter Feed (@PreppyChef)

The Preppy Cookbook is available for pre-ordering at Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon, and Books A Million.

Of course, the Original Preppy Cookbook came out in 1982.

The Orogonal Preppy Cookbook (1982)

The Orogonal Preppy Cookbook (1982)

It’s cover description: “Everything a Preppy Needs to Know About Cooking But Didn’t Have Anyone to Ask.” For those not even born yet who may not remember the chapter titles, here they are:

  • First Things First
  • Cooking is a Crock of S—*
  • How to Turn Boiling Water Into A Meal
  • Browne Bagge Lunches
  • Munchies
  • Bloodies, Booze, and Beer
  • Always on Sunday
  • Whither the Egg?
  • Cooking With Booze
  • Intimate Affairs
  • Duel on the Grass
  • Food for the Sugar Monkey
  • How Mr. Molson Got His Start (Homebrew)
  • Words, Names, and Other Bits of Wisdom

My favorite chapter was always How to Turn Boiling Water Into A Meal. And favorite recipe honors probably go to ‘Monogramed Pot Roast,’ that is one I definitely remember.

Until next time, may your hollandaise sauce always be the perfect consistency. :)


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  1. I do have a Junior League cookbook from 1942, but they are not necessarily tongue in cheek.

  2. This looks so wonderful, great gift idea, many of my favorite foods in there!

  3. Elizabeth Ruddell

    Don’t forget “THE WASP Cookbook” by Ali (Alexandra) Wentworth!

  4. Very cool! I need these and The Wasp Cookbook.

  5. Unsurprisingly, my mother used to make a perfect Hollandaise…

  6. I should hope so! (Insert grin.)

  7. Ditto on digging out my copy of the Wasp Cookbook! :)

  8. I can’t believe I forgot to mention this one, I know my copy is buried in a box somewhere in this house! :)

  9. Lauren

    Just added this to my amazon shopping cart. I have both of the others, plus Tipsy in Madras.

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