Friday Fun with a Nautical Slant

Hello-Hello, welcome to an almost-weekend here at The Prepatorium. It’s Friday, the monsoon seems to have finally abated: we actually have sun shining and it’s just plain gorgeous. It seems like a good time for some Friday Fun with a nautical slant, we begin with some amazing cakes.

Fat Girl Cakes /

The next come via Alana Scully Photography/Style Me Pretty (L) and Arte de Ka Cakes (R).

Alana Scully Photography via Style Me Pretty/Arte de Ka Cakes

Here we see a trio of nautically inclined cakes via Bird’s Party Blog.

Bird's Party Blog

This one is by Miso Cakes, the photo comes via The Cake Blog.

Miso Cakes via The Cake Blog

I like the Nautical Stripes Charm Bracelet from C. Wonder, and the Blue Nautical Stripe shoes by Zara are cute.

More jewelry, Betsey Johnson’s Nautical Theme Necklace,on the left, the Nautical Knot Bracelet is by Madewell.

Betsey Johnson/Madewell

Other jewelry options include the Urban Outfitters Earrings or our Needlepoint Anchors Bracelet.

Urban Outfitters/The Preppy Princess

When it comes to apparel there’s no shortage of items at J. Crew, like the Anchor Tee Shirt and the Linen Pocket Anchor Tee.

J. Crew

Equipment’s Whirlpool Anchors silk shirt is on the left, on the right we show the Moschino Cheap & Chic Anchor Heart T-Shirt.


For your MOTH (Man Of The House) perhaps the Shanghai Anchor Smoking Slippers or J. Crew’s Lightweight Pattern Socks?

For the wee Prince, a few styles from Danish brand ej sikke lej, the Sailboat Owl or Sailor Dog tees.

ej sikke lej

From the same shop, your very young Princess In Training may enjoy the onesie, if a bit older the tee could work.

ej sikke lej

Ralph Lauren offers some darling onesies: a vintage print, along with an embroidered navy style.

One of my all-time favorite infant items: the needlepoint Baby Booties from By Paige.

By Paige

By Paige also has footwear for grown-up girls.

But perhaps my favorite nautically influenced shoes come from J. Crew, the Bow Pumps in Ratti Regatta.

They’re not terribly practical they are so distinctive, once worn they are not easily forgotten. But they are darling. Perhaps one would get more bang for their buck by using their pin money for these. The yummy-looking sailboats on the left are by Pink Martinis and Pearls, the collection on the right was shared on The Cake Blog.

Our final item is something new to the Princess, the Reilly tote from Crabberrie Bags, featuring a vintage boat on the water.

'Reilly' Tote at

We hope you enjoy a splendid weekend, be it on land or at sea.


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6 Responses to Friday Fun with a Nautical Slant

  1. Everything is lovely – remembering my nautical wedding now.

  2. Love those cakes; I think I’d feel guilty eating them! ;)

  3. Love it all from the beautiful cakes to the darling anchor shoes…so cute. Nautical will always be in style in my book!

  4. Oh Princess! You gave me a quick flash of an alternate life, perhaps in an alternate universe.

    In that life, my mother elected to keep her family’s Cape Cod house instead of the money (can’t believe I just used that word, shockers!) when her father died. In that life, my father taught in Boston, rather than at Stanford. In that life, I wore your needlepoint anchor cuff all summer long.

    Hmm. Perhaps I should align where possible and get that bracelet for the Northern California summers!

  5. I’m about to blow up my Pinterest feed with all of these pictures. Those cakes are amazing!

  6. For me, nautical themed goodies and the 4th of July go together like a juicy burger and a bun. Loved looking at all my future expenditure possibilities. Dang! Have a wonderful holiday, Susan and Kevin. xoxo

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