Preppish Tidbits, Sneak Peak at Coach Poppy Line

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Hello-Hello, Happy Friday!

It is simply fantabulous here at the Prepatorium, although we expect a repeat performance of last night’s raging thunderstorms, they are expected to return this evening.  The booming and crashing always sends Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat straight up in the air and then under the bed, poor thing. It reminds us of when we were a tiny Princess and asked what was going on; at some point we were told the noise was God bowling.  Were you ever told any tall weather tales as a child?

So much happening in the few days we were away! First, a few SOTTs (Signs Of The Times), most of which many readers already know:

  • Eddie Bauer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday; yesterday a judge gave permission for the company to continue paying employees and vendors.
  • Upscale retailer Ben Sherman announced in May it will no longer carry shoes, last week the announcement came the childrens line will also be discontinued. Below, we’ll use the Sherman women’s Argyle Vest for today’s Adventures in Argyle. (It is quite the bargain, now only $39.99, originally $80.)




Other newsy tidbits:

  • The city selected for Tommy Hilfiger’s second ‘American Stories’ ad campaign is our nation’s capital; below, one of the ads.
PHOTO: Phil Poynter via WWD
  • Ralph Lauren’s annual gala celebrating Wimbledon’s start attracted royalty, entertainers, and the fashion crowd last night at Kensington Roof Gardens.  We see Sarah Ferguson with daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice in this photo.
PHOTO: Gareth Cattermole/Getty
  • There is a new preppy brand on our radar: Jeremy Argyle, recently opened in Soho, but better yet, available online! The company’s Pink Framed Stripe shirt is seen below:
  • ++++++++++++++++++++

One Sales & Savings reminder we feel obligated to share in light of the ‘additional percentage off’ savings:

The Kate Spade online sample sale ends tonight, but if one scoots over there before midnight, there is an additional 20% off merchandise.


We share a few nautically-inclined items today, starting with the Vans Captain Fin anchor tee.  The design is actually the logo for Captain Fin, known for their surfwear.

And a line we weren’t familiar with that actually sounds rather unusual, the scented tees by Spiff.

Courtesy Spiff via Nitrolicious

Probably not for TP, but that doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy them. Our thanks to the always on-trend Nitrolicious, where we spotted the photo.


Some may recall our previous post on the new Coach Poppy line aimed at a younger, more financially conservative demographic.  The Poppy bags aren’t officially due in stores until June 26th, but we can share a couple of the bags.

Courtesy Coach

The line will include everything from bags and shoes….

Courtesy Coach

to jewelry…

Courtesy Coach

and headbands.

Courtesy Coach

According to a wonderful story in Business Week about the company, price points for the line will run approximately 20% less than other Coach merchandise.

“Poppy is supposed to help move the entire company back to … a more comfortable place, which at Coach means an average price of $290 for a handbag.”

The story by Susan Berfield makes for a great read.

There is also a Coach Facebook page for the new collection.

Courtesy Coach

We’ll leave you with a Pretty in Pink borrowed from the new group.

Courtesy Coach

Happy weekend!

  • VictoriaM
    June 19, 2009

    Alas I am stunned silent, gaping like a fish at the new Coach line. If Ed Hardy married Candies I guess the result of their union might be Poppy.

  • Legallyblondemel
    June 19, 2009

    Good scoop on the new Coach line . . . I’m of course tentatively hoping that in addition to moving towards a lower price point, they consider moving towards good taste too. ;-)

    Wishing you & the Consort a wonderful weekend!

  • La Belette Rouge
    June 19, 2009

    I am kind of loving the look of the new Coach.
    Happy weekend!xo

  • QueenBeeSwain
    June 19, 2009

    Get out about EB and Chapter 11. Just wow!

    Hope you get some sun finally this weekend- it’s sultrier than Florida over in the TC!

    Happy weekend


  • Preppy 101
    June 19, 2009

    Some of the new Coach line is really cute!! Hope you have a weekend fit for a Princess ;-)

  • WendyB
    June 19, 2009

    I was hoping those headbands were actually “tiaras.” I don’t know why.

  • makingstuffanddoingthings
    June 20, 2009

    I’ve never been a huge Tommy Hilfiger person, but that is a good-looking ad campaign. Also, I’m intrigued by…scented…shirts? Are they scratch & sniff? Are you allowed to wash them? I will have to do a little investigating, but have a great weekend Ms. Princess!

  • Preppy Sue
    June 20, 2009

    I love those t-shirts! Thanks for sharing!

    June 22, 2009

    It’s the “angels” bowling! Love Bea and Eugenie! Nothing hit me at the Kate Spade sample sale. ……not too surprised about EB. I love the t-shirts! Thanks!

  • miss janice
    June 22, 2009

    I don’t have a thing by Coach, but the new products look really cute. I can’t believe how grown up Sarah Ferguson’s little princesses look!

  • KK
    June 22, 2009

    My Sadie Kate is terrified of anything that booms too!

    Not to be rude but that top Coach bag just doesn’t even look like Coach to be. More like Target. Which is fine if you are paying a Target price. But a Coach name and price for the look of a coin purse glued to the front of a bag is sort of confusing to me. Just my opinions though….

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