The Pink & Green Pottery Barn Kitchen

The Princess realizes some of you suspect I post these items merely to have a place to direct my mother, as in, “If you don’t believe me, just go to the blog and see for yourself.” In this case however, if TSU (The Spousal Unit) had not forwarded the photos, yours truly would have gone to her grave denying a pink pint-sized kitchen existed. Let alone a pink and green creation of the same genre. We share for your benefit, the Pottery Barn Kids Pink and Green Classic Kitchen. If this is not happening with the color scheme inside the playroom, there are always additional options, the red ensemble, not to mention the white pie safe:

Of course, the piece you probably should consider most seriously, if only in the interest of improving domestic relations? (No, we mean relations within the household. Your domestic household.) Perhaps this can convince them, just for a nanosecond, that you care about their efforts and want little Muffy to learn from firsthand experience just how hard they work. The Pottery Barn Kids Ironing Board.

Naturally, if you have come to the conclusion that secretly I am lusting after all of the little kitchens and wondering where they were when I was a tot, you are absolutely correct. Do you think it would be bad if… oh, never mind. We don’t have room anyway. Harrumph. BTW, almost all of the pieces are on sale and some are selling out fast. (Do you think perhaps TSU… oh, never mind.) Lest we be accused of having absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever, peek at the Pastel Pacifica Backpacks, seen above to the right of the Ironing Board. How cute are these?

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    October 7, 2010

    “Dreams are the true Interpreters of our Inclinations; But there is Art required to sort and understand them.”

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