Because We Care: Hickey Freeman & J Press Deals

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The gauntlet has been thrown down and we feel we must respond. The issue? Why do we only cover fashions for women and children here at the Prepatorium? Since it would be bad form for The Princess to argue with guests (and we do look at you as guests here at our little internet cottage) we won’t debate our previous offerings, instead acknowledging our own concerns that TMIOL (The Men in our Life) are being neglected when it comes to the preponderance of postings. Here’s an attempt to rectify things.

First off, at Hickey Freeman there are some screamin’ deals on ties, with many at 50% off their original price. (I know, so incredibly gauche to bring up the m word or discuss finances, but really, these days everyone is looking for life’s little economies, don’t you think?) Most of the sale ties at Hickey were originally $110 and are now only $53.10, generally a paltry amount for such fine construction and design. These include TP’s favorite, that cultural icon known as the skull. (Not. Not even.) Such a favorite, in fact, The Princess will share more in the next few days about the skull phenomenon, as she is clearly clueless on the issue. Hickey’s classic Oxford Stripe shirt (seen above) is also on sale if they have it in your guy’s size, or better yet, one that you can wear, for this is truly one of the great creations of all time. And their wool & cashmere sweatshirt is simply to die for, heaven on earth because of that fabric blend, apparently still available in charcoal, chocolate and navy. (Yes, this one also makes perfect sense for you if he’s not crazy about it.)

Then over at J Press, there are some great cricket sweaters as seen above, on sale with decent savings of about 1/3 off the original price, running now at $208.50. If your guy is looking for a sport coat, this one is a beauty, the J Press Black Watch Tartan plaid in a winter weight. And to ensure we are serving the broad spectrum of readers we seek to entertain, there are also skull ties to be had! (We are but your humble servant, always looking out for you.) Just so you don’t miss out. On another tie. With skulls on it.

Then we offer for your viewing pleasure, seersucker shorts in blue with embroidered fish. In orange. The fish are orange. On the blue stripes. I think this would be a great look at…um, at…, at a Detroit Tigers game. Yeah! One of those! That team uses those colors! So if these are what you’re looking for, they are a beauty of a bargain at only $79! (You know, TP simply adores little creatures embroidered on things. Many items of that genre reside in our closets. I just don’t think we’ve yet acquired any in quite this combination.) As always, Press has a fabulous selection of watchbands.

So, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. And there’s no need to send Sister Mary Hand Grenade after me either. Henceforth we shall do our level best to be a tad more, shall we say equitable, in our future postings. Honestly. For those stopping in for their first visit, The Princess has never hidden the fact that she was raised in the finest CAP (Catholic American Princess) tradition in addition to her strong MAP (Midwestern American Princess) roots. And you? Do you share a history with other SAPs (Southern), TAPs (Texas), or WAPs (Western), not to mention many, many other sisterhoods we’ve yet to discuss…? There are Princesses everywhere you know, simply everywhere. :-)

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  • julie weissman
    April 21, 2010

    I work at Hickey Freeman/Bobby Jones, I love the preppy pink look, bring it on – would love to get this kind of crew in to our store with your madras blazers,

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