Prep Your Look with Accessories

Being preppy doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings and burn the midnight oil just to afford some stunning preppy looks. Preppy fashion is all about a clean cut, polished, classic and simple style, which can be achieved with a few key accessories that can tie into your existing wardrobe.

Here are two accessories that can literally “prep up your wardrobe”, which easily combine with outfits you already have in your closet and won’t send your bank manager in a fury.

Preppy Belts

A belt is a very basic accessory. But some of you must be wondering what the heck a preppy belt is? These belts don’t necessarily have to be from Polo, Lilly, Brooks Brothers, or Lacoste to fall under Preppy chic, nor do they have to be sponsored by any New England Ivy League College


These are usually a skinny cotton web belt with ribbon that has needlepoint and may be monogrammed. The designs are playful to subtle, with images you may see while vacationing on the coast of Maine or at Martha’s Vineyard. Motifs such as crabs, whales, sail boats, anchors, golf clubs and tennis rackets; from getting political with the Republican Party Elephant to the sophisticated colours and fabrics of the Democratic Party such as gold, black, brown, silk, leather and grosgrain or woven belts..

Monogrammed Tote Bags

Perhaps, your outfit simply won’t work with a belt? So, opt for a monogrammed tote bag instead. Monogrammed tote bags are so PREP –tastic! They also range according to everybody’s budget, from Louis Vuitton or Gucci to a simple personalized monogram with your initials just like Paris Hilton’s younger sister, Nicky Hilton, is sporting.


Get Preppy with Fall Trends

The shift in temperature means changes in your wardrobe selection are needed. However, in true preppy style, the addition of coats, blazers, sweaters, and corduroys to your wardrobe is essential to keeping your look vogue, chic, and preppy.

The preppy style can be as retro or as vogue as you choose simply by changing into a simple article of clothing. If we step back into the annals of preppy style, we can garner a lesson for this fashion style. Fashion designer John Barbour created a waxed-cotton jacket known as the Barbour coat in 1894 to address the harsh winters in the United Kingdom. In the late 80s’ the late Princess Diana created a stunning Fall trend when she began sporting the stylish Barbour coat.


Getty Images

Fast forward to Fall 2014, the Barbour coat is just as preppy and vogue as it was in the 1980s. These masculine jackets when teamed up with skinny jeans, riding boots, a ruffled blouse and a Brooks Brothers sweater will complete your Fall Preppy look.

If you would rather go for a casual and comfy look with a Barbour coat, you can wear leggings, hunter boots and a cable knit sweater. The trend is classic, and best of all, you will stay preppy, warm and stylish throughout the Fall season.

Perhaps the weather is still too mild for a Barbour coat? Have no fear. A blazer can add that touch of preppy elegance. All you need to complete the look are coloured skinny jeans, a gingham shirt paired with a skinny belt, wedges and some statement jewellery; a pearl necklace and earrings work best – then you will fit in at any Ivy League event you will be attending.

Model Style

Diego Zuko

When you want to keep things simple, go for a cable knit sweater and pair it up with corduroy trousers for those days that you want to be preppy with minimal effort. With this look, less is more, so avoid too many bangles. A classy watch or a simple gold necklace are all that is necessary to complete this look. If you are having a bad hair day, you have a perfect excuse to tie your hair back in a sleek ponytail accessorized with a hairband and still achieve a classic preppy look.

Preppy Princess – The Champagne of American Style

September 10, 2014: Mill Valley California. We are proud to announce the arrival of the long-awaited updated website for America’s leading online source for all things Preppy, In addition to classic monogrammed accessories, totes for every occasion, prepped out tech cases, Greek and collegiate collections, personalized home and kitchen decorations, we have a new Amazon store, With the addition of several new preppy designers and products, the Princess offers everyone’s favorite classics like Lilly PulitzerJonathan AdlerDanial Wellington and Clairebella. We are pleased to say that The Princess has come into her own with grace and sophistication.

America's leading online source for all things Preppy.

America’s leading online source for all things Preppy.



Preppy Princess was founded in 2007 from the life-long dream of a woman who grew up in the world of pink and green glamour that defines the classic New England Preppy Style. What started from her vision to share the Preppy style with family and friends has evolved into the redux of a truly classic American Style.

The Princess, which is how is affectionately known, will relaunch with a newly redesigned web presence on September 14, 2014. Having gone to new ownership in May, The Princess is part of Preppy Planet LLC, and headed by Weijia Gao, international model and designer.


Preppy fashion has always included monogramed accessories; The Princess stays true her roots by offering the best collection of monogramed and personalized items. Whether for yourself, a gift, or for your home, The Princess has the widest array of items for personalization, including Greek and Collegiate.

The Princess will continue to stay faithful to the tradition of social consciousness; we donate a portion of all sales to non-profit organizations.

The Preppiest Baby on the Planet

The world was abuzz in anticipation of Prince George’s first birthday celebration. Although it was very much a closed affair with only family and selected friends in attendance, the little royal was dressed fashionably at all times.


Prince George walks, wears adorable denim overalls in a newly released picture ahead of his first birthday on Tuesday, July 22

Not to be excluded from the preppy fashion scene, this little royal was all decked out for his special day in a wonderful array of fashionable outfits. It is no surprise that this little tot is being photographed and acknowledged as a young style icon. From posing for baby portraits to simply romping about having fun, Prince George is always dressed in sharp outfits that are both comfortable and yet super stylish.

How about this little cute and adorable blue overall outfit? The striped blue overall is matched with comfy walkers making this little man a preppy fashion trend setter. The versatility of this outfit and the added comfortable features makes it easier for little tots to move around in. Baby George may look good in all his “fashion” shots, but with parents like Will and Kate, you can rest assured that all his outfits will have the classic edge without compromising on comfort and durability. Affordability is another factor that this down to earth parental pair continues to focus on, in spite of being in the privileged set and nowhere near lacking in money to spend.

Besides nautically themed outfits, (a mainstay of the preppy style) this little tot is equally cute in other styles like this little one-piece ensemble. Romping about and having a good time with his toys and other little toddler friends, Prince George is a picture of preppy, bubbly cuteness.

Just like his mom Kate Middleton, Prince George has got major style! The tiny royal is wearing a onesie and shoes that are more affordable than you would imagine — just $65.

Just like his mom Kate Middleton, Prince George has got major style! The tiny royal is wearing a onesie and shoes that are more affordable than you would imagine — just $65.

Baby moods are often linked to the types of clothing they have on. If the clothing is made from comfortable material, then you will have a happy baby. Preppy Princess follows such guidance when it comes to styles and outfit choices. Prince George’s doting parents also always try to ensure his clothing choices give him enough to move around in while also staying suitable to the climate he is exposed to. Looking thoughtful in red, Prince George is dressed in a bright cardigan to keep him warm and happy.

Although white is not always the ideal choice for a baby’s outfit, mostly because kids tend to dirty it as quickly as it’s put on, Prince George is the star here, in this lovely warm button up sweater. The white shade does not make him look “pasty” or dull, and instead brings out the blondness of his hair even more. Keeping him warm and yet stylish is something his mother knows a thing or two about, being a fashion icon herself.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge eased into royal tour engagements this afternoon with an informal playgroup meeting with the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at Government House.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge eased into royal tour engagements this afternoon with an informal playgroup meeting with the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at Government House.

At the end of the day, Prince George is going to be another preppy world trendsetter that everyone is going to have their eyes on. From striking colours to hip kiddie designs, Prince George is going to have it all.

Get sassy and stylish with the Preppy Princess for the World Cup

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Hey there all you fashion buffs, it’s the world cup and Preppy Princess is here to help you get outfitted with the latest, must have outfits for this theme.

Preppy Princess is hitting the scene with a new zest and with a burst of color. All the various pieces of putting the ideal outfit together can be found at this one stop site. There are so many and wonderful pieces to choose from that you can spend many happy moments indulging yourself. Preppy Princess prides itself with ensuring every design is kept current and trendy, thus comfortably ensuring you look only your best when you step out in any of the pieces.

What’s in store?

With Preppy Princess, you don’t have to look any further as there is something for everyone. From head to toe, the wonderful array laid before you, is tantalizing and certainly meets its mark for creating the ideal look to step into for your world cup fun.

At Preppy Princess, there are so many styles that you can put together. Ranging from looking chic, right down to the natural and playful football buff trends, with this one stop site, you will not need to look any further. If you want to stand out and be noticed, then Preppy Princess is the way you want to follow.

The Preppy Princess fashion line gives the wearer a confidence and style that very few other lines can boast of. The comfort enjoyed when wearing a Preppy Princess piece is unmatched, thus leaving you the envy of all around. With this line, dressing up for the football fever will no longer have to be boring and ill form-fitting. Looking sexy and yet at the same time chic is what the Preppy Princess line is all about.

The World Cup apparel

Snug form-fitting outfits in bright colors will allow you to show your support for you teams in the most flattering style. There is no need to be fitted in the usual baggy shorts and jerseys like so many of the regular lines for world cup outfits. Here, the colors and style are specially chosen to show each proud Preppy Princess in the best light possible. Iconic designs will help you stand out and be noticed, not to mention getting you a huge amount of compliments on your current choice of style and color.

Materials used are also chosen with comfort for the user in mind, so you can enjoy your football fever experience without having to worry about getting sickly and bedraggled. After all, at Preppy Princess, we want you to look like a million dollars all the time, come rain or sunshine.

Get outfitted now with Preppy Princess

With Preppy Princess, all your fears and worries about how to look trendy and stylish will be put to rest. All the pieces are specially chosen to make you look your very best.

Be the envy of everyone, without the hassle to running around and trying to find the latest trends, by simply clicking on to and visiting the site for everything you need. Find us through Twittering, Facebook or even at our customers and vendors at the Princess.